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A World Without Books - A Blog Tour

Hello faithful followers - always good to see you here. Dropping by with a fun BONUS POST for the weekend! Here's how it goes...

Being chosen as one of thirty blogs to participate in the "Blog-A-Licious" Blog Tour, I get to write a quick idea of what my "World Without Books" would be. 29 other bloggers have participated. When you're done reading my thoughts, you are cordially invited to visit the blogs of La Vonya -  and Jim - to read about their ideas on the same.

Thanks for playing along, and as always, my regular weekly post will hit Sunday night at 12:01 midnight. Have a great weekend and enjoy this BONUS POST!

"A World Without Books" 
by Janet Beasley

A world without books is sadly a real world for many.
For many, illiteracy is not a joke, but a way of life.
There is nothing that breaks my heart any harder, 
than to have an elderly person ask me to read 
something to them, 
not because they are having trouble seeing it, 
but because they never had the opportunity 
to learn how to read.

~   ~   ~

A world without books is sadly a real world for many
who live in areas where books may not be allowed.
For them, their children, and their children's children
will most likely go through life, 
never knowing the joy of a 
timeless story and its characters.

~   ~   ~

A world without books is sadly a real world for many
who may not have possessed the ability to learn
to read early on, but were too embarrassed to 
tell their friends and family.
So for the most part, they "fudged" their way
through life, until the day came when
they truly needed or wanted to know how to read.

~   ~   ~

Would you believe that only a few short years ago, 
I, Janet Beasley, was among the last group mentioned above?
It was a sad world without books, 
but I couldn't read and understand a story,
and I was too embarrassed to ask anyone for help. 
Eventually the longing to be a part of my friends conversations 
was overtaking my embarrassment and I was desperate to learn.
If it weren't for my closest friends and family 
who listened to me instead of laugh at me, 
then graciously spent the time to help me learn,
I would not have read more books in the past couple of years
than I ever had in my entire 50 years of life. 
And to boot...I'm only a few weeks
away from publishing my first ebook:
An epic fantasy novel titled "Maycly."

~   ~   ~

A world without books is sadly a real world,
a real world that should never be. 

~   ~   ~

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