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Meet Author Carol Wyer

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First off - If you hadn't been introduced, allow me to introduce myself. . .I'm author Janet Beasley. Owner/Founder of JLB Creatives. I am an MG inspirational epic fairy tale author. 

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And thirdly....we are proud to present this week's featured author

Carol Wyer

Who am I? I am a desperate housewife who enjoys drinking wine and lives with a grumpy old retired man.  Well, not entirely true. To be slightly more serious, I am someone who loves to laugh, and more importantly, to make others laugh. Laughter really is a tonic and if I can make a few people chuckle each day, then I am a very happy, desperate housewife.

I think deep down I’m a frustrated comedienne. I really should have taken the plunge and become a stand up comic.  I did the next best thing though and became a teacher. Life threw me a couple of curve balls and I changed direction, becoming a personal trainer in my forties. Those were the hedonistic days when I could touch my toes. Nowadays, even if I placed M& M’s between them, I haven’t the enthusiasm to reach them.

Life hasn’t been straightforward. But is it for any of us? Serious health issues got in the way. At one point I found myself paralysed after a procedure didn’t go as planned. Fortunately, I made a good recovery. Following that episode, I decided to take ‘life by the horns’. Determined to get as much out of it as possible, I became involved in all sorts of activities.  I took up flying helicopters, quad biking, had a go at track racing, camel riding, scuba diving, kick boxing, clay pigeon shooting, pole dancing and a few sensible activities too like painting.

Being a linguist, I can speak a few languages and am obsessed by travel. I have spent many years living abroad. I travelled all over Europe, and to many other destinations, but there are so many more places I would like to visit. I am tempted to take up a grown-up gap year and go somewhere special, maybe to some slum part of India where I could help teach underprivileged children, or to the Seychelles and help rescue turtles. We are never too old for adventure, are we? Even my 80-year-old mother hotfoots it to Cyprus regularly, where she hosts all night parties and Karaoke sing-songs.

Although I travel frequently, you’ll still often find me at home in rural Staffordshire where I spend my time now with my husband who moans about the weather and complains when we have to put the heating back on in July! Cheers!


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Stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate for me!
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