Friday, September 25, 2015

Submissions Are Open for Specific Genres!

Hello fans of the literary world! Welcome to the JLB Creatives Publishing blog. Today we've got something special for aspiring authors seeking a publisher.

Let's face it, readers need authors, and authors need readers. It's one of the best combinations on the planet! Fact: readers want to read sweet, professional works, and serious authors don't want to put out sour, unprofessional material. That's where having a publisher comes in.   

We wanted to let worthy authors out there know that submissions are now open through October 31, 2015 for consideration of specific genres. We continually accept submissions, however at this time manuscripts falling under the specified following genres will have top priority for consideration of publication.

Historical Fiction (era, event, or person)
American Westerns (cowboys, railroad, pioneers)
Clean Romance (fantasy, teen, paranormal)
Mystery (Steampunk, crime, drama, thriller.)
Science Fiction (aliens, outer space, other world)

It takes hard work, passion, and severe dedication to the craft of writing to be accepted by a true publisher. JLB Creatives Publishing makes certain the stories they select for publication will present readers with quality stories that are professionally edited (in-house) and will also have book covers and interiors that have been designed professionally (in-house), both performed while working one-on-one with each author. These are only two of the main features in which JLB Creatives Publishing takes pride. Our one-on-one customer service/communication throughout the entire publication process (before, during, and after) with our team of industry professionals, and the fact that we promote our selected authors on our main social media outlets set us apart. If selected for publication you will have both an eBook and a print book (in most cases), and both will be made available globally. 

You'll find we are a true, credible publisher who sincerely cares about the authors we select for publication.  

If you have a completed manuscript we invite you to visit our website at and take a look at our Submission Guidelines page first. If after reading our guidelines you feel that you and your story are a good fit for our publishing company, move on over to the Submission Form page and follow the instructions.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Form

will be up for consideration first. 

We DO NOT accept or consider manuscripts that are obscene or slanderous.

We look forward to seeing your submissions.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Prompt: The yellow brick road leads to....

This week I'm challenging you with a photo prompt. Write a flash fiction of 500 words or more inspired by the photo below. Where does this road lead to? What's waiting at the end or inside the fog at the edges? Is it a dangerous journey or are your travelers safe as long as they stay on the yellow brick road?

Be sure to post a link to your story in the comments below or the comments section on the blog link on our Facebook page JLB Creatives Publishing.

Don't forget to stop by for great books and cosplay accessories!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spark Your Creativity!

Every Wednesday we offer you a special photo taken by our CEO Janet Beasley to help spark your creativity. Whether you're an author, a painter, a musician, or clay sculpture artist we think you'll find her photos very inspiring!

Sky Trails

Happy creating!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We Are Running Full Speed Ahead!

Hello fans - welcome to the JLB Creatives Publishing's Blog. We're glad you stopped by. 

Last week was a busy one, and from now until the end of October we don't foresee it slowing down.

Our first event last week was our home schooling presentation regarding Journey to
Publication Writing Program Curriculum. The event was designed to introduce home schooling individuals and groups to our remarkable curriculum and how this fantastic writing program works, including the best part...someone is published for no charge with the purchase of each curriculum! It doesn't get any better than that. For more information regarding who else (and there are many) this outstanding writing program is suitable for we invite you to visit Journey to Publication

The second event came quick...Lake Collect-A-Con. JLB Creatives Publishing's CEO and her husband are "makers" (artists) of opulent steampunk and other type "punk" items; hence, the name of their art line, "BeaslePunk." To see some awesome photos we invite you to visit (and Like if you already haven't) BeaslePunk on Facebook at  In her spare time, when she's not working with the awesome authors of JLB Creatives Publishing, Janet is designing, creating, and crafting.

And as if that's not enough - get ready - because this Wednesday, Janet, along with with JLB Creatives Publishing's team members Dar Bagby and Jean E. Lane, will be making back to back presentations to introduce Journey to Publication to the Pickford (Michigan) middle school and high school. Dar will be there in person while Janet and Jean E. appear via Skype. The journey will begin on October 8. For more information contact the Pickford Community Library at 
210 East Main Street
Pickford, MI 49774

(906) 647-1288 Ask for Ann Marie Library Manager

Then comes October 17 - 18. The Renninger's Steampunk and Industrial Show will kick off and the BeaslePunk Cosplay Armory will be there with not only their cosplay guns, and Codger Works Jewelry, they'll be adding hats and masks to the inventory. And to cap it all off JLB Creatives Publishing will have selected author's books for sale along with Journey to Publication Writing Program Curriculum!

That's it for now - but trust us, there's even more in the works!

Until next time...stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate for us!

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Untold Legend: The Warrior Queen a fantasy novel by Amy I. Long

The Untold Legend: The Warrior Queen written by author Amy I. Long is being released to readers and bookstores today from JLB Creatives Publishing.  In 2013 The Untold Legend: The Warrior Queen won the National Indie Excellence Award.

Amy was inspired by history to create this fantasy/romance. Boadicea (Boudica or Boudicca) was a queen of a Celtic tribe. She led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. "I especially like strong, outspoken women of earlier days but little known in modern times. Perhaps that is what sparked my enthusiasm to write about my own queen.”

Now The Untold Legend: The Warrior Queen is ready for global release to entice and thrill readers.

About The Untold Legend: The Warrior Queen
Voda of Monarch never once believed she would end up as a queen. Now she must choose a husband, but she cannot because her heart belongs to Keldrick, the king of the faraway land, Ameri. A marriage between these two would be unsuitable, almost impossible.

Voda is thrown into a dangerous situation and is rescued by her heart’s desire. But their forbidden passion for each other must be denied. Keldrick promises only one night of passion, then he separates himself from temptation. Voda, being a warrior, faces many battles that only bring her closer to her beloved Keldrick.

How dangerous could a marriage between these two desperate souls be? The two struggle through cruelties and war only to discover that, in the end, love conquers all in this untold legend.

Five Star Reviews for The Untold Legend: The Warrior Queen
I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a powerful woman who can lead an army to conquest, but also has a heart for a bit of romance on the side. It's a good read.”

“I enjoyed this romance novel with its descriptive scenes woven with history. The lead character is a strong, outspoken female who lives up to the position she is thrown into. This is a very promising start for this first time published author and I look forward to reading her future endeavors.”

Where to get your copy of The Untold Legend: The Warrior Queen

About Amy I. Long

Amy I. Long was raised in Sanford, Florida. She is working toward a bachelor's degree in molecular biology and hopes to apply that knowledge to the field of disease control. She loves watching sci-fi movies, reading historical romance novels, and studying history, medical botany, and astronomy.

Where to find Amy on the web

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JLB Creatives Blog Hosts
JLB Creatives Editor Dar Bagby (L) and JLB Creatives CEO Janet Beasley (R)