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Love A Happy Ending

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This week I'm really excited about introducing to you a new site on the web that has authors and readers from around the globe talking and taking notice. I'd like to personally invite you to check out the Weekly Video and Topic Post so you can become a part of the new buzz happening in the world of stories!

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     Love A Happy Ending has brought the writing and reading worlds together in such a fresh new way - people are taking notice!

     When I was first invited to be one of the "inaugural" authors on the site I was dumbfounded. I didn't have a book published, I had no name in the novel writing industry, and the others whom of which I would be joining were established authors. Needless to say after being dumbfounded, I was HONORED!

     I discovered that the fine group of industry professionals who were taking the time to put the site together had quite a vision and a purpose - that being to help get the word out regarding worthy authors (published or not). I want to tell you - the Love A Happy Ending team of editors and journalists is amazing! They have taken pride in, and follow through with intense dedication, getting the word out about the authors they have discovered from around the world.

     Their Associate Readers are handled no differently. Those who are superb at writing professional reviews have teamed up with the authors of their choice and assist in promoting their author's wizardry at creating stunning visuals with words. When my first Associate Reader contacted me I was absolutely thrilled!  A second one came along and it was over the top for me! My epic fantasy novel is not published yet, but they found my "author page" to be of interest and are excited right with me as we wait to see the book in print!

     There are author interviews, blog posts, and worthy news. You'll want to make sure and check out the "gossip" column titled The Fizz where you can get the latest/greatest splash on secrets, tidbits, and nuggets from writers and readers that are often times released first on Love A Happy Ending!

     Love A Happy Ending has so many wonderfully talented people. Below is a list of links taking you to the current Authors and their Associate Readers individual pages. Please take some time to visit and discover these hidden treasures who are making their names known around the world in the arena of writing.

(Authors covers are listed in the same order of appearance on the video. 
They are in alphabetical order by first name)

Click on selected book cover to visit that specific author's page on 
Love A Happy Ending

Anna Bell         Chris Longmuir         

Harry Leslie Smith             Janet Beasley     

Kit Domino            Kristina Mercier      

          Lauren Howell           Lavada Dee  

Linn B. Halton               Lun Kikogne   

Mandy Baggot    Nicola May   

Patricia Sands                Pauline Barclay      

Stephen Penner                Sue Johnson    

Tricia Jones                Vickie Adair     

Associate Readers:
Cara Donavan - Dorothy Bush
Kay Wilkinson - Kim Nash
Laura Seaton - Lindsay Gentles
Louise Graham - Melanie Robertson King 
Nikki Bywater - Rea Sinfield
Sarah Taylor - Sharon Goodwin 
Susan Livingstone - Sue Fortin

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     Simply visit Love A Happy Ending and thrust yourself among those who have already wised up to the fact that this is the site to check out when you're looking for top notch upcoming authors who are worth being discovered.

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blurbs, news, and interviews with those you know and love. 

Thank you.

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     Still waiting...and waiting...and hear from the publisher. I have no nails left and haven't had for a few weeks now. My hair is finally straight from pulling on it while trying to maintain with patience. LOL!

     Keep hanging in there with us and you'll be among the first to know when we get word from them whether it is a reject or an accept. Thanks for your continued support!

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     Ever wonder what school was like in a one room schoolhouse? My grandmother used to teach in one in Ohio - and ever since I found that out about her I've been intrigued with them. Whether it's just photographs or one room stories, it all seems to be a way of learning more about my gracious grandmother who is no longer with us here on Earth.

     This week's link will take you to a site where you can learn about the one room schoolhouses that are on record in your state/county/city/town.

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     Another fantastic week of learning and treasure hunting! I certainly hope you check out Love A Happy Ending when you get a moment or two, then be sure and share it with your friends and family. And how about all of those one room schoolhouses across America? Those were definitely fun to see and read about. Well, I guess that about sums up this week's post.

     You're still doing a wonderful job at sharing us - your support and shared enthusiasm are much appreciated. Please remember it's an ongoing share so...

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