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World Building

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Hello everyone! So great to see you here.

Regular blog posts are still appearing on Mondays - but with a little bit of a twist - we're returning to our Blast from the Past Series for a while. 

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If you haven't gotten your copy yet, 

Due to the enormous success we have had with Maycly - I need to get busy on the next 5 read right...5 more novels! For this reason, every Monday we're going to head to the archives and the postings will be some of the coolest and most helpful blog posts I made throughout 2011 and early 2012. This will allow me the much time needed to let my creativity run wild and write, and write, and write. ;-)

Not to worry, I'm not abandoning my fans - I'll still be at your fingertips through comments here on the blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and other social media. 

So, without any further ado - welcome to the past!

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This time we're going to showcase a fellow author P.i. Barrington's  wonderful tools for world building.

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WEEK 18 Video
World Building

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Compliments of the hard efforts put forth by fellow author:
P.i. Barrington

World Building Worksheets Part 1

World Building Worksheets Part 2 

     When you start realizing just how much is involved when building a world, you can definitely see that it is not a simple task. My first discovery was while writing about "Maycly" coming into existence. WOW! Almost as tough as a battle scene, but not quite! :)  Like with everything fantasy, a "new" world is no different. Yes, you have the liberty to make it exactly the way you want it - but just how do you go about keeping it "real?"

     There are so many things to be discovered and researched when building your world. Who or what is at the top of the food chain? What types of foods will your world offer? What climate or climates will you choose? How do light and/or darkness operate - how do the laws of physics apply? What is your selected terrain or terrains? Is it flat, are there mountains, are there bodies of water - are they small or large? Is water even necessary or can they live on another type liquid? Does it hold any similarities to Earth?

     As you can see, there is a lot to consider when creating a fantasy or scifi world that has not been discovered as of yet. From food to spiritual beliefs, from fashion to education, and from language to architecture there is an entire world just waiting to be created by you!

     The more you put in to building your world, the more your readers will get out of the story. When you take the time to consider every last piece of fruit down to whether or not your characters wear shoes...and if they do, are they slip-ons or lace ups?'ll have a finished product that holds continuity throughout your story as well as wow your readers with the most wonderful, creepy, magnificent, plain, dusty, muddy, grass covered, flower blooming world you can imagine!

     NOTE: You don't have to come up with everything about your world before you start writing - but coming up with a base will certainly aid in getting you started on the right track.

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Pic n' Thought
Janet Beasley
Stretch yourself beyond your limits today...
who knows, you may just learn something new.

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     Who doesn't enjoy a county fair or country festival? The nostalgia, the sounds, the sights, and the food you can only find at such events, all bring people together to enjoy a summer day or evening. I personally LOVE these type settings. I never missed a county fair growing up - I can tell you that at the end of the midway, next to the entrance to the grandstand stood one of my all time favorites: The Dining Hall! All I can say is, there's nothing like "pot luck" prepared by grandmothers who have lived the era. Thursdays were my favorite when the homemade chicken and noodles were served up in heaping portions with a side of sweet corn, real mashed potatoes, soft warm dinner rolls, butter, a piece of watermelon, and a piece of home made blueberry pie topped off with a scoop of real vanilla ice cream! My little belly would hurt for days - but it was worth it, and I'd count the days until the fair came around again.

     This week's link will take you to Indiana's Old Settler's Day festival. The event has come and gone for this year, but the memories live on. Take a pleasing journey down memory lane as you look at what small town living and its history has to offer. I know I want to make plans to be there in the future!

     (I don't endorse this event, get money for click throughs, or any of that stuff. Like all of my links, they're fun things I've found on the web and simply want to share the joy with my followers.)

I discovered Old Settler's Day Festival on my fellow author's blog:

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     Well, this was a quick week to post - but should keep you busy for at least a month! ;-)  We've learned about world building, been to the moon and back, and stepped back in time to discover Old Settler's Day Festival in Indiana. Ain't summertime great? 

     That's it for this week - I hope you're looking forward to some time off this summer to enjoy with family and friends...and may the weather cooperate where ever you find yourself.

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