Monday, June 25, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

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This week was going to be Meet the Author, but for good reason we've moved that particular Blast from the Past to a later date. Why?..we'll be more than happy tell you!

The JLB Creatives Blog was invited to participate in a Blog Tour for Plum Tree Books regarding their latest release,

By visiting the link above, you'll have the wonderful opportunity to not only read the amazing words brought forth by select authors, you'll also discover photos, illustrations, and more from talented artists of the world. 

Dr. Niamh Clune is the founder of Plum Tree and all its amazing artistry. Her many years of experience have brightened days, brought smiles, and introduced authors to each other from around the globe. Dr. Clune says, "I am very happy to announce the launch of The Butterfly Effect  This really shows what can be achieved by combining different media such as beautiful photography, art and music. The Butterfly Effect inspired me for so many reasons. In essence the idea is based on how the tiniest flapping of a butterfly wing in South America could affect the weather in Texas. This means the smallest influence on one part of a system can have a huge effect on another part."

You will find authors and poets such as Alan Hopkins, JB Johnston, Wayne Tolbert, Tammy Lang, Dr. Niamh Clune, and your JLB Creatives's host Janet Beasley. You'll marvel at the illustrations - paintings - and drawings by artists such as Dar Bagby, and DeAnne Townes Jnr. Stunning visuals are the creative efforts of photographers such as Gwen Dubeau, Barry Deeming, and Jennifer Williams, Music to listen to as you read provided by Claudio Fiore. 

The Butterfly Effect is an "interactive" display of artistry to sooth and stimulate the senses. Read it for FREE today from the Plum Tree.  
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Watch the video below to catch a glimpse at the amazing treasures you will find on The Plum Tree...

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The Plum Tree also offers a safe haven for kids on the web. It's a stunning place where little ones may come to share their artwork, authorship, and much more! Watch the video below for more information regarding The Plum Tree exclusive: 

Youth Tube

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JLB Creatives is proud to announce its first publication is a big success:
 Maycly by Author Janet Beasley is on sale now at Amazon.
The perfect summer-time family read!
You may view the book trailer from the right hand side bar right here on the blog.

Available in paperback (contains all three parts of Maycly)
or ebooks (each part sold separately)

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Be sure and join us next Monday when we will be Splashing 
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