Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Prompt: Battle Sound

For this prompt you will write a battle scene inspired by the music below. Your scene can be set in any era, time or place. Minimum word count 1,500 words. That's not a lot for a scene like this, battles can be wordy. :) Below is your inspiration. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spark Your Creativity!

Every Wednesday we offer you a special photo taken by our CEO Janet Beasley to help spark your creativity. Whether you're an author, a painter, a musician, or clay sculpture artist we think you'll find her photos very inspiring!

 "Stay Calm..."
Happy Creating!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Our Groovy Weekly Giveaway! Enter Today...and tomorrow...and the next day...thru Sunday


Hello fans! Welcome to the JLB Creatives Publishing Blog. You've picked a great day to start following the blog because every Tuesday we post a brand new Groovy Weekly Giveaway here on the blog and on our Facebook Fan Page. Entries are accepted nearly all week long: Tuesday - running thru the following Sunday. Simply visit JLB Creatives Publishing on Facebook  for your chance to enter, or enter directly from our blog. Our Groovy Weekly Giveaway is designed through Rafflecopter and winners are randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The weekly prize is a $5 US amazon digital gift card. And something can now enter once a day and receive 5 chances a pop! There is a required task you have to do to enter for your 5 chances (but not to worry, it's really simple - like visit one of our authors' Facebook page or tweet a tweet), and to sweeten the deal there is no purchase necessary to enter. Be sure to share the fun with your friends. We're looking forward to your entries! Good luck! 

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

28 Months of Heaven and Hell, one man's tribute to his brother's gift of service.

28 Months of Heaven and Hell is a historical fiction novel set in WWII pacific campaign. What sets this book apart from others about the era is the story behind it.

"I'll tell you someday..." Those were the words spoken from a Navy shipman to his younger brother after returning home from 28 months of war. That day finally came just a little over a year ago. Carl Young began to write his younger brother daily emails about his adventures aboard the DE-416 USS Melvin R.Nawman.

Carl's younger brother began to put this treasured diary together and write a fictionalized version that will make you cheer, laugh, cry, and maybe even grip your chair anxiously. Through the eyes of these two young men, you will relive their lives during the war. What it was like to enlist and leave behind a sweetheart and family for the young seaman. To live through a typhoon, enemy attacks, and shore leave shenanigans. What it was like to be the kid left behind during one of the most iconic wars in history. A family holding on to hope that it will end soon and their son and brother will be home again.

28 Months of Heaven and Hell by JD Karns available at most retailers or get your copy at the links below.

Barnes & Noble  Amazon  Books A Million Scribd

Thank you to Carl Young and all those who have and do serve to protect our country and freedom. 

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