Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Prompt: Trapped!

This prompt is going to challenge you to write yourself or a character out of a situation where they find themselves trapped. Tell us what triggered their entrapment then write about how your character deals with this new world and how they escape. Minimum 2,000 word count in any genre. Choose one of the items in the list below for your story.

Trapped in a book.
Trapped in a video game.
Trapped in a movie.

Good luck and happy scribbles!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spark Your Creativity!

Every Wednesday we offer you a special photo taken by our CEO Janet Beasley to help spark your creativity. Whether you're an author, a painter, a musician, or clay sculpture artist we think you'll find her photos very inspiring!

Peace of Mind

To view more of Janet's photos visit Janet on Flickr

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blue Man Group and Florida Parent Educators Association...

Hello fans and followers. Glad you stopped by today. As proud members of the FPEA (Florida Parent-Educators Association) we are delighted to bring you some of their goodness...

CLICK HERE for more contest information.

JLB Creatives Publishing is also looking forward to attending the FPEA Annual Convention coming late May, 2015 in the Orlando, Florida area. For more information on this fantastic group and the annual convention and graduation please visit Florida-Parent Educator Association

Monday, March 23, 2015

E-books or Print Books We've Got Them Here!

Great news! You can now find most of our titles downloadable to your e-reader or favorite reading device! At your favorite e-book retailers. If you can't find the title you want don't worry it will be there soon.

We are diligently working to make sure every format is absolutely perfect for your mobile devices before they leave our publishing house. Be sure to follow this blog or follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the great JLB Creatives Publishing happenings!

     Sydney Finds a Job 
      Barnes & Noble

Miss Amy's Rhyme Time Collection! 

28 Months of Heaven and Hell

A Life Renewed

Lill and Mewe Series 

Hidden Earth Series 

For more information about these books and their authors stop by our website at 
JLB Creatives Publishing is open for submissions for more information click the link above and go to the publishing tab for guidelines and where to submit. We accept e-submissions only.

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JLB Creatives Blog Hosts

JLB Creatives Blog Hosts
JLB Creatives Editor Dar Bagby (L) and JLB Creatives CEO Janet Beasley (R)