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WEEK 5 of 5 Meet the JLB Creatives Publishing Team: Author Elise VanCise ~ Media Director

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You're just in time to join our 5 week mini series of posts. Over 5 weeks we will be introducing you to the JLB Creatives Publishing Team members to give you a feel for those who are willing to dream with you. 

Because we see no team member more important than another, and the fact that it takes this entire team to bring to fruition the professional publications they do, the #JLBCP team members will appear in alphabetical order:

Week 1 Feb 17, 2014 ~ Dar Bagby  Senior Executive Editor
Week 2 Feb 24, 2014 ~ Janet Beasley  Founder/Owner and CEO
Week 3 Mar 3, 2014 ~ Jean E. Lane  Senior Financial Director
Week 4 Mar 10, 2014 ~ Connie Thompson  Graphics Design Director
Week 5 Mar 17, 2014 ~ Elise VanCise  Media Director

Welcome to final Week 5 of our mini series

~Elise VanCise~

What does the JLB Creatives Publishing media department do for authors?

I’m very glad you asked. Hi there my name is Elise, I am the Media Director for JLBCP. It’s my job to make sure authors have a strong platform and the tools to make their book a success.

My own author career began in 2006. I was a total novel novice with a 54,264 word book fresh out of NaNoWriMo. With eyes as big as saucers when I realized everything I had to deal with as a first time self published author.

Since then I have had the ultimate pleasure in learning from others whose media and marketing skills are Jedi level. I don’t claim to be a marketing Jedi but I have gained some awesome experience and resources. I can’t wait to share that knowledge with our JLBCP authors.

We, in the media department, know that it takes more than just putting a book on the shelf to get sales. If your book isn’t successful then neither are we, therefore JLBCP will be right along side the author using social media and other marketing strategies to ensure just that.

What kind of strategies does JLBCP offer in their basic publishing package? To begin with we will be blasting press releases down every news and entertainment avenue we can find, both domestic and internationally. Those releases will go to newspapers, magazines, internet news, social media and entertainment venues.  Anywhere we can find a place to shout about your fantastic book, not only when it’s released but also after, we’ll do it.

Our extra services go the extra mile when it comes to platforms. For an extra charge we are available to build your author media platform from the ground up, or tweak the platform you have to work for your needs. We will organize blog tours, host author parties on social media, and in the future give our authors the chance to appear at local area events and book signings. Whether you are an experienced author or this is your first book, JLB Creatives Publishing is your go to place for platform development, social media marketing and more.

After listening to what authors found the most annoying about publishing companies, we have put in place a new way of doing things. One of our best qualities is that we communicate with our authors throughout the publishing process. Each of our department heads will be in contact with you when your manuscript reaches their hands. You will enjoy the benefit of having access to each dedicated department head for correspondence.

Working with JLB Creatives Publishing is a dream come true. I hate to use a cliché, or sound repetitive as I know other team members have said it. . .but there really are no other words to describe the experience of being involved with such a dedicated team of individuals. I feel we truly are,  Bringing Light to the Literary World.

If you would like to know more about JLB Creatives Publishing we encourage you to visit our website

Would you like to know more about Elise? Visit the Meet the Team page on the JLBCP website, her own website or her blog

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We certainly hope you enjoyed our 5 week mini series of Meet the JLB Creatives Publishing Team. For more information you can check out our FAQs here on the blog or visit our website

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