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Meet Author Rathan Krueger

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Let’s say you’re thinking about going on once in a life time vacation…how exciting! What are some of the places you’d consider, and what would you do while you’re there?

Brush up on my Japanese, go to Japan, live my weeks as an otaku (oe-tah-koo... or geek). Eating Pocky (I guess you could call them cookie sticks dipped in things), drinking ramune (rah-moo-nay... it's soda with a marble instead of a top), eating mochi (moe-chee... ice cream in a bun). Ah, to dream. There's also Spain, but only when Ibiza is drowning in dance music. Maybe Germany, if only to stare at buildings. England, to steal a police box. France, to fulfill a fantasy I have that involves having heated discussions with someone about cinema on an apartment balcony with a glass of red wine.

What book or books are you currently working on? Can we expect a new release soon?

I've been going back and forth about writing the novel I intended to write before "Lie" and two scripts. All three sound fun in their own way and all three make great arguments for themselves. On the one hand, I've just written a novel so why write another one so soon? On the other, I've written scripts before so why not write another novel? And their stories are all so intriguing.

Love and romance, paranormal, epic fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, drama, and the list goes on. Where do your books fall as far as genre and reading audience?

I'd like to think that my work falls into the Rathan Krueger genre. I'm a big fan of artists who are a genre unto themselves (like System of a Down or either of the two Davids: Bowie and Lynch). It's horrible for the marketing crowd when you're not established, but they get over it. However, it works out in the end because you're a precious commodity. The only way your fans can get something like what you created is if you create it. Or they settle for something lesser, but who likes David Lynch knockoffs? As for whom my audience would be, adults on the outskirts of society.

Time to go to the movies! Out of all the ones you’ve seen, what’s your fav? And be sure to tell us why in case we haven’t seen it and would like to check it out.

You can't ask a cineaste something like that. Quelle horreur! Something that's been on the upper echelon of my list for a few years is Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut". It's been there because I can find new interpretations and details under the tapestry of the question, "What counts as cheating on your lover?" And I can't decide which Matrix is my favorite.

For the first time in your writing career someone recognizes you as their favorite author, in public. Would you panic? Smile and bask in the moment? Blush and walk away? Invite them for coffee and cupcakes? Scream? Run? Faint?

I'm sure the social-retardation would kick in, but I hope the will would be strong.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! You rush to grab the special edition only to find the headline describes your life from day 1 till now. Don’t leave us hanging…what is the headline?

"Joker Vomits in Mailbox; No One Laughs". No, it'd probably be "The End of Heartache".

If you could restructure the publishing world what would you do and how would you go about it?

I'd give writers a bigger chunk of the sales, for one. If someone creates a product and needs someone else to sell it, I'd say that's a 50/50 situation. But any author with a signed contract will tell you that's not the case. I think that's it, really. Changing that one thing would cause ripples that I'm not aware of but when the waters calm, everyone will be better for it.

Of all the professions in this world you opted to be a writer. What brought you to it?

It's cheaper than being a director. I will get back to directing soon, but it's so much easier and cheaper to write a novel than it is to make a film. I'm not complaining about the work or money, I'm complaining about my lack of money.

Do you create and design your own book covers?

Yess'm. There was a time where I might've felt self-conscious about not getting it professionally done... but there are some atrocious covers out there (indie or no), so that time passed. Plus, "Lie" is a hard novel to sum up in a cover and I wouldn't wanna trust that to someone who's doing it because it's a job. Plus, I like doing it.

Do you find it annoying that people spend hundreds of dollars on ereading devices, yet complain about spending 99 cents and/or demand ebooks for free? Share your thoughts – don’t worry, we all know we can’t please all of the people all of the time, but we can always please some of the people some of the time. 

I can understand the complaints to a point. If I saw an album with a $2-3 difference from CD to MP3, I'd feel a little cheated. If I bought MP3s. It doesn't cost much to make a CD (disc to case) and it costs nothing to make an MP3. Musicians aren't taking a much larger chunk from the MP3 pile, so why only a few dollars difference? However, people complaining about spending less than a dollar on an eBook are silly. Your average book costs eight bucks and you have the gall to complain about spending less than half?

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