Saturday, July 18, 2015

Youth Essay Writing Contest

As a publishing company and proud supporters of the Pickford Community Library located in Pickford, Michigan we are excited to bring you their latest news. Young's a chance to shine in this year's Youth Essay Writing Competition! 

And if you're interested in becoming a writer be sure to talk to library manager Ann Marie Smith at the Pickford Community Library regarding their Young Writers Workshop that will be entering its fourth year this October. This is the amazing group of Young Writers who has served as catalysts to our Journey to Publication writing program curriculum. 

You may also visit to discover in-depth information on how you can become a participating library in your community that uses this pioneering writing program. 

 **Sponsored by Friends of Pickford Community Library and Sandridge Armed Forces Veterans** 
This competition is open to ANY student from the surrounding area AND those who visit the area.


The Hay Days theme this year is BACK TO THE 60s. People will be remembering events, music, books, movies, games, and people—people or things that impacted them at that time.

You are being asked to write about something you think might be worth remembering for the future and tell why you think it is worth

 Minimum of two pages
 Either hand written or computer generated
 MUST be original
 MUST be accompanied by a Registration Form available at the Pickford Community Library or the  FPCL web site

CLOSING DATE: July 25, 2015
 Turn in at the Pickford Community Library by 3:00PM
 Contact Pickford Community Library (906) 647-1288 for more information
 Award levels: (entering these grades in fall of 2015):
 High School grades 9-12
 Middle School grades 6-8
 Elementary School grades 3-5 
 1st Prize for each level is $100
 2nd Prize for each level is $50

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thrusday Prompt: Scenario

Write a 500 word count minimum flash fiction with the scenario below. You can set the time period in the present, past or future. Happy Scribbles! Scenario: The train ride had been uneventful, actually a little dull until your character sees two armed men jump into the asile and shout. "Nobody move!"

Spark Your Creativity!

Every Wednesday we offer you a special photo taken by our CEO Janet Beasley to help spark your creativity. Whether you're an author, a painter, a musician, or clay sculpture artist we think you'll find her photos very inspiring!

Squirrel Stalker

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Visual...

Hello fans! 

This post is a visual experience of last week's Tuesday post. We've inserted our YouTube video regarding our highly sought after, pioneering writing program curriculum, Journey to Publication™. 

To view a bonus curriculum video, our Journey to Publication™ Adventure Guide, you are invited to hop on over and take a look at the website where you'll find a wealth of information and/or place your order for Journey to Publication: 


Journey to Publication™ Promo Video

Monday, July 13, 2015

Discover the Dreams, the quest and the magic of Maycly

Become enchanted with Hidden Earth in this fantasy series starting with The Maycly Trilogy

 Hidden Earth Series Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy Book 1 Two Altered Worlds
Janet Beasley

Maycly is a world everyone longs to experience, but for Iona it has become a fading dream. Her life gets her, and continue her search for her missing family. Abandoning all that is familiar to her, she begins her journey having no idea where she is headed, but the Grand Wizard, SUL, has a plan.
turned topsy-turvy and she finds it’s going to take all she has to hang on. When a mysterious puppy shows up on her doorstep she decides to leave the past behind

Experience the emotions of the trials and triumphs in a world where love is the greatest magic of all. 

Hidden Earth Series Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy Book 2 The Battle of Trust and Treachery
Janet Beasley

Book 2 picks back up on Maycly where you were left off in Book 1, still in the past. Charleo is summoned for the task of a lifetime by the Grand Wizard, SUL. He is not certain he is up for the challenge, but honors SUL, nonetheless.

Requested not to tell his family where he is going, he leaves his wife and boys in secret. Charleo and his two new chukkons companions enter into another land on Maycly: a land most do not know exists. Here is where the warrior training begins. You will become attached to the characters like never before, and experience their love and heartaches as the epic battle unfolds. And not to worry, as time catches up Iona returns to the story near the end of Book 2.

Hidden Earth Series Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy Book 3 The Queen  
Janet Beasley

Book 3 begins with a lighthearted chapter about Iona's childhood. The story then leads you into "real time" Iona’s journey through the darkness begins. It is both exciting and terrifying as she discovers who…or perhaps what…is beneath her bed.
on both earth and Maycly.

Out of the darkness, beauty abounds and Iona discovers her destiny. Though the responsibility of her destiny calls, Iona is still in search of her missing family. Book 3 offers twists and turns, changelings and horrifying beasts, another epic battle, and an ending that will leave you in a quandary, wanting to know what happens next.

Praise for Hidden Earth Series Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy 
5 Star! Readers' Favorite review for Book 1 Two Altered Worlds
I found the book scintillating. Adventure, magic, whimsy, dreams, fantasy, imagination -- it's all there.
Children of the current generation are totally into adventure and fantasy series with the overwhelming popularity of Harry Potter and the like. These are stories that can actually awaken the creativity inside you and dare you to dream and fantasize.

The book is the right combination of fantasy and adventure. Iona is well depicted: her innocence, her adventures, her faith, and tragedies. The language is elegant and excellent. Illustrations always give a new meaning to the characters and these illustrations also give you an idea of how each character looks as well as lending color to the story.

5 Star Readers' Favorite review for Book 2 The Battle of Trust and Treacher
Hidden Earth Series Volume 1 Maycly the Trilogy - Part 2 ~ The Battle of Trust and Treachery, by Janet Beasley, takes off from where the first part ends. The reader is again taken on an adventure trip where the characters go through heartaches, fantasy, whimsy, and everything that appeals to the reader.

I found the second part equally compelling as the first part. The author's imagination is still on a high in this part. There are many amazing creatures, use of elaborate language, and some nice illustrations which leave an impression about the characters in the story. The plot and the story are as good as the first part of the story. 

All the creatures in the book are also very whimsical. Both the parts of the story will make a good movie too. What I like about this kind of adventure and fantasy fiction is that it gives room for the reader to think without any barriers. The epic battle is fought in a new way in this story.

Hidden Earth Series Volume 1 Maycly the Trilogy - Part 2 ~ The Battle of Trust and Treachery also speaks about the author's expertise. She is able to write a story with an adventure plot in three parts and still manages to leave the reader asking for more. The book caters to readers of all age groups because it encourages you to dream and let your imagination run wild.

5 Star Readers' Favorite review for Book 3 The Queen
I liked this as much as the previous books. Unlike the other two, this one is less violent and ends on a positive note. The story is also full of fantasy, adventure, whimsy, and bits of terror and violence. The book has many more illustrations compared to the other two parts. The illustrations work in tandem with the characters and lend them more credibility. The illustrator has ably captured the mood of the story and the illustrations complement the book beautifully. The author evokes the creativity inside a child by daring him to dream differently.

Get your copy at your favorite retailer in both print and ebook today! 

About the Author Janet Beasley 
Janet is more than an author, she is one of those unique people who thrives on her fantastical imagination. 

Her imagination has served her well throughout the years. Working in the theatrical and live event production arenas for several years added to the inspiration for her Hidden Earth Series. 

Serving in multiple arenas from stage technician to special effects designer, and from performer to production manager Janet has run the gamut when it comes to entertaining. 

Janet has appeared in TV commercials, spread ads, and has been published in trade specific magazines. Her creative writing career began with stage plays, then evolved into creative fiction. 

Her Hidden Earth Series is a must read for anyone looking to be thoroughly entertained while at the same time learning life's lessons through the eyes of her amazing characters.

Janet is an instructor for the Young Writers Workshop at the Pickford Community Library. She makes her appearance through Skype as the library is in Michigan, and she lives in Florida. 

Janet enjoys kayaking with her husband, photographing nature, and baking cupcakes.

Where to find Janet on the web! 

As always for more fantstic reads explore We are open for submissions visit for manuscript and submission guidlines! 

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