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A Worthy Historical Cause

Welcome one and all! We're so glad you've decided to join us here on the JLB Creatives Blog. I'd like to send a huge thanks to all of our new followers who have joined forces with us in the past couple of weeks. Together, we're making a name for JLB Creatives and me, Janet Beasley, the epic fantasy author. I couldn't do it without you!

Author Showcase Report: 

As many of you know, I appeared Saturday at the Local Author's Showcase at the Leesburg Florida Library. I was honored to be included with such amazing talent when it comes to authors. We enjoyed meeting so many new fans, helping those interested with their writing skills, and handing out a the decorative canisters filled with "Gramma Hildie's Doggie Delights" - made from our family's secret recipe which has a good chance of being printed in my upcoming epic fantasy "Hidden Earth - Volume 1 Maycly." Thanks to those of you who showed an interest and took the time to stop by and say hello.

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This week we are featuring a wonderful cause right here on the JLB Creatives Blog. My weekly video will return next week as Jeremiah Wright has been kind enough present us with a guest post where he shares his passion for his historical cause. So without further ado - I introduce to you Jeremiah Wright.

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Saving the Baltimore Poe House:

When I saw the news about the Baltimore Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum and learned that its continued operation was in jeopardy because of a lack of available funding from the city of Baltimore, I was taken aback by the comment string below the article.  There were about sixty comments, and every one of them lamented the loss of support. 
 Many of them expressed anger about the “lack of importance given the arts by the government.”  I think just about every negative emotion was represented.  The one thing lacking in any of the responses was an actual proactive response.  Oh sure, there were plenty of “we have to do something” and “we should help.”  Does it make me a cynical jerk that I think most of the people there never got around to helping…or doing anything?
I looked at the news and thought that there was an opportunity there for something special.  Realistically, a literary critic could make a good case that there’s almost no genre of fiction Poe didn’t influence.  Detective fiction?  He started it.  Horror?  Do I need to say anything?  Seafaring tales?  Most critics credit MS Found in a Bottle as the forerunner.  (Tell that to the screaming kids watching Johnny Depp fight squid people in the next Pirates movie.)  He’s credited with the first analysis of short story theory and practice.  His poetry set the standard for romantic as well as dark, lyrical, and image-driven modern writing.  His influence can be found in adventure, intrigue, and other genres as well.
My big Eureka! moment came when I realized that those who have benefited from Poe’s literary heritage would probably be happy to help.  Literary Landmark Press was born.  We announced an anthology, The Spirit of Poe, all the proceeds of which would benefit the museum.  We received almost a hundred submissions on the first day.  I was particularly excited that almost every submission came with the request that the honorarium involved be waived in favor of the Poe House.  I’m the kind of guy who believes writers should be paid, and it was fabulous to see the sacrifice.
We got our first pre-order the first week.  Our goal is (gulp) to sell ten thousand books.  That will cover the entire budgeted amount Baltimore no longer provides.  Please visit and help out.  You can preorder an anthology or two, donate money, or send us something you’d like us to consider for the anthology.  Our heritage is important, and if you’re thinking “we have to do something” or “we should help” you now have a way to do that.

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In honor of Jeremiah's worthy cause to preserve a part of history us authors find to be of such great value, I'm making his link the link of the week and encourage you to check it out.
Please do not feel obligated in any way shape or form.
Also, if you feel passionate about this cause, please share the
JLB Creatives Blog with them so they too can become 
familiar with preserving history.

Help Save the Baltimore Poe House
This link will take you to the blog where you may read
more about the project and the history.

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Pic n' Thought
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It's comforting to know we're truly never alone.

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     This week was a little different, but I felt Jeremiah had a passion that was not selfish, but rather for all of the authors out there. Thanks so much for stopping by, and be sure to invite your friends and family to become a part of the JLB Creatives Blog.

     Next week we will be featuring another Author Splash with the featured author being Linda Hawley. So start Tweetin' the news! 

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