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Monday, December 7, 2015

Titles coming soon from JLB Creatives Publishing!

Lill and Mewe: Mission to Zanda
Book three of the Lill and Mewe series by Jean E. Lane
The Martians have officially entered into their age of space exploration. MARSA and the MMSC have formulated a plan for space travel well beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. After testing a theory using a probe, they realized they have to first travel backward to find a specific wormhole. This would prove to be the shortcut to bridge part of the 2.5 million light years to reach planet Zanda in the Andromeda Galaxy. But where in the galaxy did they find this ‘super’ wormhole? What big surprise does MARSA have for the mission crew?
Lill and Mewe trek to Turtle Run Creek to see the rare turtle hatchlings that happen every 40 years. It appears the turtles communicate with each other very well. Like any little community, the turtles each have their own task to perform. When Mewe gets too close to some young turtles she is smacked and hissed at by a turtle that protects them. Mewe hissed back but understood they protect their young turtles at all costs. Do the turtles have any enemies? Is it possible for turtles and cats to become friends?
Merak stays behind on this mission but manages to create his own imaginary creatures at the Amusphere. During one of his holographic battles with otherworldly aliens, the program malfunctions and he is left to fend for himself. What happens?
The MMSC mission crew set off on their mission to Zanda. It is the first time the Martians are invited to join the United Alliance of Planets conference on that faraway planet. This takes place when the five blue moons align. It takes almost two weeks to reach their destination. Danger lurks along the way. Who or what do they encounter? What is a Pree? Is there trouble brewing in the universe?
Find out the answers to these questions and learn how Earth is connected to all of this when you arrive on planet Zanda.


Planet Water 
Hidden Earth Series Vol.3 by Janet Beasley 

In Volume three of the Hidden Earth Series Arrowanna is summoned by SUL on her 16th birthday to become The Carrier of Planet Water’s element. She boards an enchanted tall ship and her journey begins. The quest takes her above and beneath the waves, sails her to places such as the Island of Opposites, lands her in the midst of an underwater battle, and even leads her into the icy caves of the abyss. She finds love, but the pressure of her new love’s request causes her to doubt her ability of ever becoming The Carrier she knows she must be. 

A few of your favorites from Maycly, including Iona, join in the action with Arrowanna and her friends. Twists, turns and danger abound in this fast-paced adventure that is delicately woven with hints of Old Norse and Icelandic Mythology. 

Will the quest be too much for Arrowanna? Will she cast her destiny to the wind for the sake of love? Set sail with her on this mystical adventure, but… Beware the Draugar! 

Look for these titles coming to bookshelves near you very soon! To see the other books in these awesome series visit

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