Friday, June 5, 2015

Leesburg Library First Annual Comi-Con ~ JLB Creatives Publishing / Journey to Publication to Exhibit!

Mark your calendars - it's Comi-Con time! We would like to personally invite you to come on out to the Leesburg Library First Annual Comi-Con happening Saturday June 13 at the Leesburg Library. JLB Creatives Publishing and Journey to Publication will be exhibiting. Stop by our exhibits to catch a glimpse of some of our authors' best books, our Steampunk art collection, and our comprehensive writing curriculum, Journey to Publication. We will have specials and deals going on all day long, plus we'll be taking pitches from local authors who have a finished manuscript and are looking for a publisher. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday Prompt: Art Interpretation

Paintings and sculptures like books tell a story. The wonderful thing about art is that the stories a work tells is up to the person viewing it. One person may see a painting very differently from another. That's one of the reasons art can be so inspirational for writers. We can take one image and create thousands of stories from it.

This week that's exactly what we're going to do.... well one story, not thousands. :) There are three paintings below choose one and study it for a while. Take a paragraph or two of notes about the people or things in the work. How does it make you feel? What do you think the person or people are feeling or thinking? After your study session take a five-minute break then come back and look at your chosen painting and notes. 

Now you're ready to tell the tale that you see envisioned in oils, watercolor, charcoal, or clay. 

Artist: Bartolomé González y Serrano

Artist: Frida Kahlo

Artist: Victor Figol

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spark Your Creativity!

Every Wednesday we offer you a special photo taken by our CEO Janet Beasley to help spark your creativity. Whether you're an author, a painter, a musician, or clay sculpture artist we think you'll find her photos very inspiring!

This photo is titled:
"Yellow Ruffles"

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Get Your Daily Entries In Now thru Sunday!


Hello fans! Welcome to the JLB Creatives Publishing Blog. You've picked a great day to start following the blog because every Tuesday we post a brand new Groovy Weekly Giveaway here on the blog and on our Facebook Fan Page. Entries are accepted nearly all week long: Tuesday - running thru the following Sunday. Simply visit JLB Creatives Publishing on Facebook  for your chance to enter, or enter directly from our blog. Our Groovy Weekly Giveaway is designed through Rafflecopter and winners are randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The weekly prize is a $5 US amazon digital gift card. And something can now enter once a day and receive 5 chances a pop! There is a required task you have to do to enter for your 5 chances (but not to worry, it's really simple - like visit one of our authors' Facebook page or tweet a tweet), and to sweeten the deal there is no purchase necessary to enter. Be sure to share the fun with your friends. We're looking forward to your entries! Good luck! 

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, June 1, 2015

Take a journey with us, a Journey to Publication

Journey to Publication Teaches More than Just How to Write

JLB Creatives Publishing is proud to announce the release of a new curriculum. This curriculum is unlike any other on the market today. It is a journey of not only understanding how to write but also how to go through the steps to publishing a literary work. It leads participants on a career path.

What sets the Journey to Publication Writing Curriculum Apart?
Our curriculum, which is highly interactive and encompasses more than basic writing skills, has been written by top literary professionals from JLB Creatives Publishing. Their combined total experience in the industry exceeds 100 years. In addition to developing writing skills, such as character development, exposition, dialogue, and more, both novice and advanced participating writing enthusiasts will have the opportunity to be exposed to, but not limited to:

Interactive adventures - Creating author bios - Several popular genres - Building author platforms - Marketing/Promotion - Dealing with rejection - Writing reviews - Book signing events - Speaking engagements – The history of printing - The publishing industry - Manuscript submissions - Understanding contracts - Query and cover letters - No-No's in literature - Literary terminology - Creating book trailers - Illustration purposes - Sufficient self-editing - Book cover design - Formatting - And more!

As you can see this is a truly complete course of study for anyone interested in writing or authorship. Recommended ages are 12 through adult. Groups, businesses, homeschoolers, and individuals will be able to learn and improve skills needed to write better and be successful. We are so sure participants will thrive through the program, we don’t call them students—we call them enthusiasts.

Don’t Take Our Word for It…

"I was a freshman in high school when I began writing with the group three years ago. I participated in the
Enthusiasts of the Pickford Comunity Library JTP program
Pickford Community Library's workshop. I joined because I had always found a joy in writing since I was small: it gives me a way to use the words I've learned and love in combination with my imagination. It helped me harness my words into fluent patterns and let me bring out my voice in writing so that my works, in the group or for English class, became more interesting to read and I got better grades. If I have the chance to, I’ll always join this group or one like it; the experience is a load of fun and it helps me take another step forward in achieving a personal goal I have."
Amy: HS Junior / Enthusiast / Young Writers Workshop / Michigan

"This was my first year participating. I joined the group during my sophomore year of high school. I joined the group in hopes of refining my writing and revising skills, as well as gaining knowledge of how publication works. I was happy to find lessons that were intriguing and informative, and I learned a plethora of information every single session. While writer's workshop hasn't had a major impact on my school studies, it has greatly improved my personal life. It has motivated me to work extremely hard on what I am most passionate about and has offered me an incredible opportunity that I am so grateful for. In addition, sitting in a room with other writers and talking about a craft we all understand and love is so much more wholesome as opposed to going it alone on the front of writing. It has shed light on how what I once considered a lovable hobby can be a career, and it has shown me that I am not alone in the struggles all writers face. I most definitely want to join the group again next year and would love to find more opportunities similar to it. Writing, for me, is a lifestyle. Some have sports, some have stage props, and some have computers—I have a pencil and a sheet of paper. With it, and with the opportunities this group has given me, I can create universes that previously never existed."
- Honnah: High School Sophomore / Enthusiast / Young Writers Workshop / Michigan

One more thing….
What truly sets this program apart and shows how invested JLB Creatives is to the success of enthusiasts, is the amazing opportunity they offer—one that is only available to Journey to Publication students. In the Novice program, the instructors (we call them Overseers) will choose two enthusiasts’ works (micro- or flash-fiction, essays, or short stories) to be included in an annual Journey to Publication Anthology. And for the Advanced program, Overseers will choose one enthusiast’s novella for publication. All are published free of charge by JLB Creatives Publishing. (All manuscripts go through final approval by JLB Creatives Publishing to make sure they meet all JLBCP manuscript guidelines.)

To find out more about Journey to Publication and what this program can offer your school, homeschool group, business, community group, library, or yourself, visit the website: The curriculum is available in both Novice and Advanced packages. Each package includes the curriculum, reproducible handouts, a DVD introducing overseers to the program and enthusiasts to some of the adventures, and reproducible certificates for completion of the journey and for publication.

Both Novice and Advanced editions of Journey to Publication will be available for ordering on our website: Place your order now through June 30th with the special coupon code at the top of the website homepage and receive a JTP tote bag, pens, and stickers, plus FREE SHIPPING.

What are you waiting for? Begin your journey today.

Journey to Publication “Providing Light on the Pathway to Authorship”

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JLB Creatives Blog Hosts
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