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Meet Author Randa Zollinger

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And now we proudly present this week's featured author (and an Authors in the Park Booktoberfest participant!)...

Randa Zollinger

Randa has chosen our Excerpt Extravaganza feature. So grab a glass of ice cold tea, sit back, and prepare to be entertained!

The Hansens seemed to be a contented, happy family when the kids were young. Brandon, the oldest, was the perfect son, continuing the tradition of being a great athlete, as was his father and  grandfather before him. The twins, Jaden and Jenny, revered their older brother and sought to emulate him.

As  Brandon started high school and the twins began middle school, things in the idyllic American family began to change. The siblings had typical teenage issues in school, as well as with their parents, but it was more than that. Fighting, drugs, and suspensions had never been in their plans.

Picture-perfect, the family was jolted when Jaden, who wanted nothing more than to please his dad and older brother, failed miserably as he began to discover his sexual identity. If it hadn’t been for the support of his sister and a neighbor, Jaden might have tried to end his life long before he did. While dealing with Jaden, his father was forced to confront issues neither imagined nor expected.

Live through Jaden’s story as he struggles to understand the ramifications of his father’s haunted past and continues to forge on in his quest of the “rainbow”.


Getting a call from the hospital on her cell phone, Jaden’s mother, Alice, immediately started to panic and shouted for her husband.
"Donnie, come here quick! Talk to the hospital. It's about Jaden."
Listening, then hanging up abruptly, Donnie said, "Let's get down there now! They’re treating him for a drug overdose, but he's still unconscious."
"Drug overdose?" Alice couldn't believe it. "Not Jaden. He would never do drugs. He's a good boy. They must be mistaken." Her heart was pounding, and she was glad Donnie was driving, because she felt as if her arms and legs wouldn't cooperate. She wasn't even sure she could walk into the hospital.
When they arrived at the hospital, they went right to the ER information desk and gave their names. Their anxiety heightened with every passing second.
The woman at the desk shuffled through some papers, and finally said, "Yes, here it is. Your son is in the ER annex." Heading down the hall where the volunteer had pointed, Donnie tried to ease Alice's panic, but he was nearly frantic himself. He hadn't always been the best dad in the world to Jaden, but he did really love him. He knew he had constantly been on him about his activities and his friends, but he had felt that he had known what was best for his son.
 "Oh, please," he thought, talking to some greater being. "Please let him be all right."
As they hurried into the annex, they saw a boy heavily bandaged around the head and face, with his arm in a sling, bound to his body. Even in the dim light, they could see there was no shock of pale, blonde hair. It was not Jaden. Feeling very relieved, they turned away to continue looking for their son.
"Dad? Mom? How did you know I was here?" The bandaged figure spoke softly. Their relief turned to bewilderment, then alarm, as they got closer and saw the boy on the bed was Brandon, their other son. Confused conversation ensued until Alice's cell phone rang again. When she noticed the caller ID was Regional Hospital, she gave it to Donnie with a terrified look. Then she kissed her older son on one of the few places on his head where there was no bandage. Listening to the phone, Donnie's face changed from consternation to fear.
"Alice, it was the ICU nurse. They’re wondering when we expect to get there to see Jaden. And,” he said flatly, “she said they think it was a suicide attempt.”

We certainly hope you enjoyed meeting author Randa Zollinger. Be sure to check out her links and best of all - buy her book! 

Until next week - stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate for me.

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