Monday, November 26, 2012

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays...

     Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season from all of us at JLB Creatives to you and your family.

     We will not be making any more posts for the year 2012 as we take this very special time to decorate, visit with our families and friends, attend holiday parties, feast on seasonal goodies, and share our homes and feast with those who are alone for the holidays. 

     AND gear up for a great 2013 here on the blog!

     This post will remain on the blog through January 6, 2013.

     At that time our regular Monday posts will return, and wait till you discover what we have in store for the upcoming year!

     We couldn't be happier with the success we had in 2012. Thanks to all of you who have helped JLB Creatives founder and author of the Hidden Earth Series Janet Beasley, climb the charts,and open up opportunities she hadn't even imagined. Including paperbacks and ebooks, the Hidden Earth Series has sold over 1500 copies. 

     In addition to that wonderful news, author Janet Beasley and illustrator Dar Bagby were invited to become the teen writer's group facilitators for 2012/2013 at the Pickford Community Library, appear at several book signings and events, meet and greet with classes ranging from 3rd grade and up to introduce Maycly, and place Maycly in libraries nationwide.

     The buzz about 2013 and the JLB Creatives Blog is included at the bottom of this post, but first we want to share with you, all of the awesome gift ideas we have to offer for this wonderful season. Simply click on any book listed below and it will take you to Amazon where you will find that particular book.


 All of the great books below have been Wiskee approved! 

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Coming Attractions in 2013 to the
 JLB Creatives Blog will be
featuring YOU and YOUR TALENTS!

Calling all authors, bloggers, photographers, illustrators, and poets from around the world,
Read on...
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  • Are you involved in the world of writing or photography? 
  • Would you like to be featured on the JLB Creatives Blog? 
  • Do you enjoy helping others learn the craft of writing or have great photography tips you'd like to share? 
  • Are you a social media guru who wants to share some simple tricks of the trade?
  • Are you a traditionally published author with insight?
  • Are you a self-published author who can share helpful information? 
  • Are you an illustrator seeking new clients, or one who enjoys delivering helpful hints when it comes to drawing? 
  • Do you have a contest or give-away scheduled on your blog?
  • Are you a blogger with a message you want to present to the world? 
  • Are you a book reviewer with cleanly written, credible, professional reviews on your blog?  

Then here’s your chance – and there’s no charge!
All we ask in return is that you promote your post to as many as you can during your week of "fame."

How do I get in on this? 

It's easy. . . 

. . .Simply email JLB Creatives at and JLB Creatives will send you an email containing a Word.doc attachment which provides you with submission guidelines for several feature choices. 

Your email must include your full name, and your email address for correspondence purposes. Please put Submission Guideline Request in the subject of the email.

And that's all you need do for your chance at stardom on the JLB Creatives Blog in 2013! 

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May your days be Merry and Bright
Your Blog Host

Author Janet Beasley

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Fairy Tale Cookbook ~ Unleashed!

Hello faithful fans, and welcome to all ye who are new!

I know we usually post on Mondays, but we couldn't wait to share the news! 

We've got a book release - a big surprise - and deals
just in time for the holidays!

This week we are unleashing the fairy tale cookbook:

Over 400 pages, 300+ recipes ~ meat and meatless, 2 indexes (1 by ingredient, the other by recipe name), tons of photos, new illustrations, menus, restaurant owner histories, 
and more!

"More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup"
 stems from the inspirational epic fantasy 

It's a one of a kind cookbook now available on Amazon.
And makes an amazing gift for those who love to cook and/or bake things that are out of this world! 

What? You haven't read Maycly yet? Not to worry. . .you don't need to know the story to use the cookbook, but we are certain once you dive into this classic of cuisine you'll want to read the original classic! 
(Also available on Amazon)

How did the cookbook come to be?
Author Janet Beasley was a food industry specialist before she became a full time author. She expanded her family business from gourmet dog treats to a sweet confections bakery where she developed her own delectable creations for peeps. From the bakery she developed 4 themed restaurants. When medical limitations brought her to a halt physically, she didn't give up mentally! She returned to her passion for writing and incorporated her themed restaurants into her debut inspirational epic fantasy novel Maycly the Trilogy - Volume 1 of 6 in the Hidden Earth Series. 
~     ~     ~

We're making it easier than ever for you to become a fan of Maycly as we've reduced the price on the digital version of the trilogy (all 3 ebooks) are only .99 cents each through December 31, 2012. That's less than $3 bucks for the entire trilogy! All 3 ebooks are available on Amazon

To let you in on a little secret, Maycly Trilogy ebooks climbed the ranks to #1, #2, & #3 on Amazon's Religious Fantasy List and have remained in the top 10!  

The paperback trilogy joined the fast rise to the top with the ebooks.

AND. . .to cap it off the ebooks held steady ahead of The Hunger Games on Amazon's Fantasy Adventure top 30 for a lengthy run!

Be sure to check out the full color illustration companion book that accompanies Maycly, "The Chukkons Say, Ye Need ta Be a-Seein' Maycly." The perfect enhancement to read before, during, or after. This outstanding paperback brings you full color illustrations by Dar Bagby along with detailed descriptions to give you a more in-depth knowledge of the plants, animals, and dwellings on Maycly. There are NO spoiler alerts - so if you read it before you read Maycly you'll know exactly what those creative creatures are and the purpose they serve.  Snag your copy from Amazon today!

That about wraps it up for this week.
Be sure to take advantage of the deals and grab some cool gifts for the culinary experts in your circles.

As always - until next week. . .
Stay casual ~ live life to the fullest 
~ and have a piece of chocolate for me.

Your Blog Host
Author Janet Beasley

Monday, November 5, 2012

It's PRE-ORDER Time! Maycly's cookbook and 3 book gift collection: Order now thru 11/17/12

Hello dearest fans. If these are the only 2 weeks you've chosen to visit the JLB Creatives Blog, then you have picked two of the best!!! We've got tons of exciting things for you for the fast approaching holidays, and surprise news...the title releases for the next 5 novels in the 
Hidden Earth Series. 

This week we are featuring PRE-SALES for the Maycly Cookbook and the 3 book Maycly Gift Collection!

These deals are NOT on Amazon - 
they are only available from the  
Hidden Earth Series website's 
secure online ordering feature using PayPal

Artie says, "Ye need ta be a-thinkin' about gettin' these deals fer yer holiday givin' - 'cause they'll be a-makin' fer some real nice gifts fer everyone in the family!"

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

1 Cookbook and a personally 
autographed note card from the author
$5.00 off suggested retail
ONLY $14.95 plus shipping & handling
Awesome Deal available in the continental US only

The Maycly Cookbook: 
 More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup is truly one of a kind, far more than you'd ever expect from a cookbook. Nearly 400 pages, filled with the histories of five select restaurants on Maycly and stories about their chukkon or wightling owners, along with menus and a multitude of captioned photos and illustrations, that provide entertainment before - during - and after food preparation. This cookbook can be used by anyone from kids to codgers. The recipes cover the gamut from fun to fancy, garden-variety to gourmet, and kitchen to camp out. There are recipes especially for kids to make
and eat, meat and meatless recipes, and even recipes you can make for your pets! 

You say you haven't read Hidden Earth Series, Volume 1 MAYCLY Parts 1, 2, and 3?  No problem. Just spend a moment thumbing through More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, and I guarantee you'll be hooked when you discover such recipes as “Slop in a Pot,” “Best Darn Brownies...EVER!,” “Gramma Hilda's Peanut Butter and Honey Doggie Delights®,” or “Focaccia Fantastique!”  (Not all menu items appear as recipes.)

Regular retail price will be $19.95 plus shipping & handling - You may PRE-ORDER your copy for only $14.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling now through November 17, 2012. This will give you the best chance of receiving your item before Christmas! (Printing and shipping times are not up to us - so we cannot guarantee your order will arrive before Christmas, but you can rest assured we will be doing everything from our end to make that happen.)

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Maycly Gift Collection
3 books and a personally 
autographed note card from the author
Only $59.95 plus shipping and handling
Awesome Deal available in the continental US only

That's nearly $15 off suggested retail price!

If you're wanting to make Hidden Earth Series fans out of your friends and family, have we got a deal for you! Check this out - we've put together a Maycly Gift Collection Package of the three books of Maycly. Each Collection Package will be accompanied with a personally autographed note card from the author, Janet Beasley. The gift collection includes 1 copy each of the following:


BOOK 1: "Hidden Earth Series Volume 1 Maycly Parts 1, 2, and 3" - the collector's edition paperback - soon to be priced at a new, collector's rate, so get it now before the price goes up. This paperback contains 744 pages, 70+ black and white illustrations, 10 in depth maps, family trees, Terrain Masters group descriptions and badge drawings, rules to Buttons and Blocks (a favored game of the Chukkons on Maycly), and more!

BOOK 2: "The Chukkons Say, 'Ye Need ta Be a-Seein' Maycly" - the full color illustration book. The illustration book is an 8-1/2"  x 11" paperback book. It contains full color illustrations along with the detailed descriptions of the animals, plants, and dwellings. It's the perfect companion book to Maycly which can be read before, during, or after you read the novel. There are no spoiler alerts. It will enhance your journey by leaps & bounds!

 BOOK 3: "More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup" - the Maycly cookbook. Fun for all ages whether your a kid learning to cook, or want to feel like a gourmet chef, this paperback cookbook contains nearly 400 pages and is a delight to read as well as use to prepare meals for a multitude of occasions.

Each of the gift packages will include a personally autographed note card from the author, Janet Beasley.

Maycly Gift Collections are being offered for a limited time. They are available by PRE-ORDER through November 17, 2012. You may PRE-ORDER your collection package for only $59.95 plus $12.95 shipping and handling. This will give you the best chance of receiving your item before Christmas! (Printing and shipping times are not up to us - so we cannot guarantee your order will arrive before Christmas, but you can rest assured we will be doing everything from our end to make that happen.)

It's simple to place your orders. Follow the link below to our Hidden Earth Series website where you'll be able to order quick and easy using PayPal. PayPal accepts major credit cards, and is a secure way to order when shopping online. 

These specials are not available on Amazon - they are only available on the Hidden Earth Series website's secure online ordering feature using PayPal

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

And as if that's not enough...are you ready to discover the titles of the next 5 novels in the Hidden Earth Series?  Just click on the links below to visit Maycly, and each upcoming novel separately. On the website you'll find detailed descriptions and even a few new character names. 

Not to worry - Iona and her friends will be with you throughout the entire series.

By visiting the Hidden Earth Series website you'll find the Upcoming Novel page selection to the left - and it will lead you to all of these listed below!

the fairy tale of a life time which sets the scene for the Hidden Earth Series 

~     ~     ~

~     ~     ~

~     ~     ~

~     ~     ~

~     ~     ~

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Well that wraps it up for this week's post. Be sure to send your friends and family this way so they too have the opportunity to snap up the great gift deals for Maycly!

Until next week - stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate for me.
Your blog host and inspirational epic fantasy author
Janet Beasley

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dynamic Duo of Horror: Betty & Barbara

Welcome all ye freaks and ghouls!
Happy Halloween Week from the 
JLB Creatives Blog!

Since we've been featuring 

a lot of Blasts from the Past 
over the last several months, 
we thought it only appropriate to
blast this baby from the past, 
during Halloween Week...

Everyone's favorite dynamic duo of Horror!

Let's get to it!

A huge JLB Creatives welcome
to Barbara & Betty

Six Pack of Blood is a compilation of six short, malevolent stories by award-winning authors Betty Dravis and Barbara Watkins. Be sure to lock your doors and leave the lights on before reading these bloodcurdling, terrifying tales of revenge, lust, murder, cannibalism, witchcraft and more. Who in the world is safe when such benign things as snow domes, dolls, a Caribbean cruise and an innocent Sunday outing turn malevolent? Blood is everywhere...

Book trailer by Kelly Komm:

You Tube: Six Pack of Blood

Watch it, share it, spread the word!

 ~ ~ ~

Juicy tid-bits about this creepy book!

Did you know the forward was written by the
famous Armand Mastroianni?
 These ladies don't mess around when it comes to landing big fish in the sea of authorship. They are the prime example of
things such as no guts - no glory, you have not because you ask not, and if you can't run with the big dogs then stay on the porch! They are a true inspiration to the writing world.

The acclaimed movie director/producer Armand Mastroianni wrote a glowing foreword for this book, and who knows horror better than he does? (Think TV's Dark Shadows, Friday the Thirteenth and movies Celestine Prophecy, Pandemic and more. Here is an excerpt of what he wrote: "This is a feast expertly cooked up by master chefs venturing into the dark side designed to leave us captivated, enthralled and horrified. The perfect dish to accompany your six-pack...or if you prefer, a fine wine." - Armand Mastroianni, Producer/Director, Silver Screen Pictures, Hollywood

Did you know JLB Creatives's Blog Host Janet Beasley was asked to present a short review for this bone chilling collection?

 Janet was honored at the invitation, and now a snippet from her review, and her fantasy novel Maycly appear in this horror collection right alongside Armand Mastroianni's forward.

Did you know that Six Pack of Blood was deemed with a very prestigious award?

Six-Pack of Blood received the prestigious “Best Paranormal/Horror” Awardfrom Zodiac Entertainment’s  

from Producer/Director Dimi Nakov. 

Did you know that Six Pack of Blood 
has made the Best Seller List around the globe?
 Six-Pack is a local and international hit. 
  It’s reached: #1 on Amazon Kindle horror list, #5 in Germany, and #53 in the UK.

~     ~     ~

What do the authors have to say about their frightening masterpiece?

Betty says: 

"When people ask me why 'a sweet lady' like me writes such malevolent, creepy stories, I say, 'I cut my teeth on John Saul, Steven King and Shirley Jackson. Roasted over an open pit of hot coals, they were tasty morsels, indeed.'" - Author Betty Dravis, on writing horror

I’m overwhelmed that our creepy tales in Six-Pack of Blood prompt reviewers to call our stories “horror masterpieces,” and am definitely humbled when they compare me and my co-author Barbara Watkins to Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Rod Serling and other horror masters. Renowned movie critic/book reviewer Bennet Pomerantz even went so far as to compare our creepy tales to Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. Author Jessie B. Tyson blew my mind when she wrote in a review, “It’s a pity good old Alfred Hitchcock is dead now…because he would have had a field day with these stories.” 

 Barbara says:
Six Pack of Blood is a collaboration of six horrifying tales by author's, Betty Dravis and Barbara Watkins. Journey into the unknown where nothing is as it seems - where the macabre, murder, terror, and the paranormal happily invite pure evil to celebrate the dance of death. Sit back and relax - pop that can of 'Blood' uh, I mean beverage of choice and prepare to get your FRIGHT on...!

~   ~   ~

Mini Excerpts from Six Pack of Blood:

THE COLLECTOR by Betty Dravis
His thoughts about the weather were not idle thoughts; they figured heavily in his plans. He had a collection to make and it was different this time. The dastardly deed had to be done that night, and he planned to use his private plane. There could be no witnesses!
HEAVY METAL By Betty Dravis“No, bro,” Joyce replied. “You heard what Mom said--TV, video, popcorn, but no heavy hard rock.”
“Aw-w, c’mon, Jo-Jo,” her brother coaxed. “Pretty please… Pretty please with crushed Oreos on it.”
“No! Mom says it'll rupture our eardrums...and besides, Aunt Patty’ll rat on us.”
“Na-ahh...she can’t hear it from her place. And I promise to keep the volume low.”
Johnny was so irresistible to his sister that she gave in, retrieving the forbidden CDs from her battered gym bag. The girl was such a soft touch, the boy ignored his promise and turned the music volume to an ear-splitting level. Joyce wagged a finger at him, but when he reached for her, she joined him in a dance.
Soon the trailer rocked with the wild gyrations of the fun-loving teens. And the music echoed off the walls like staccato bursts of microwave popcorn.

 V.O. by Betty Dravis

Charles paused for a moment to see if Walter--who had interrupted several times earlier--was following his monologue. Satisfied that his friend was enthralled--eager to hear more--Charles took a long, thirsty gulp of V.O. and picked up where he'd left off: “Hernando directed the couples, parading them before us as though they were auditioning for a movie. Then he insisted that I choose one senorita and that Barb choose a senor. They were all perfect, but I scrutinized them closely, thinking, This is ridiculous! I'm not choosing a wife--just a waitress. But I finally settled on Juanita; although all were exquisitely formed, she was more voluptuous and radiated a seductive kind of impish innocence.
     “After Barb selected Juan--she later told me she'd chosen him because he and Juanita seemed to be a 'matched pair'--the couple began dancing.


SPIRITS OF A JESTER by Barbara Watkins
That was the last time my mother spoke with her. Mother, like me, was not a superstitious person. She had only accepted the jester because it was the old woman's dying wish.
PASSAGEWAY TO HELL by Barbara Watkins
She dragged me to the cellar, opened the door and shoved me down the long dark stairs. I remember screaming and scratching at the door until my fingers bled. I remember thinking, if I ever got out I would run as far away as I could. Well, I did get out and I tried to run away many times, but they always found me and brought me back.
To my horror, I watched as she gracefully walked across the floor towards our table in her chiffon Versace gown, holding a cigarette between her well-manicured fingers. In a soft, wispy voice she looked directly at me and said, "I'm Janice. Dave has told me so much about you, but I have to say he forgot to mention you were expecting. . ."
Come on, what are you waiting for? Download your copy of Six Pack of Blood now. . .
horror doesn't get any better!
Available on Amazon and featured in
the Kindle Prime Lending Library

~     ~     ~
Next week get ready to meet Author Barbara Watkins up close and personal, right here on the fabulous JLB Creatives Blog - where our goal is to promote other authors and help those who are diving into the realm of writing.
~     ~     ~
Have a great week!
Stay casual - live life to the fullest - and have a piece of chocolate for me.
Your blog host: Author Janet Beasley

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