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Monday, April 18, 2016

BeaslePunk - Steampunk - What Is It? AND...Happy Birthday Sir Bwana Beasle!


Sir Bwana Beasle
(aka Don Beasley - artist)
~     ~     ~

BeaslePunk is the creative side to JLB Creatives that possesses Steampunk tenancies while dipping into the realms of fantasy, and scifi.

Award winning artists, and owners of JLB Creatives, Don & Janet Beasley, have captured audiences by the tens of thousands with their highly detailed, stunning craftsmanship in the realm of Steampunk and beyond.

If you are not familiar with Steampunk, fear're not alone. Many people ask Don & Janet when they see their artwork and costumes, "What is Steampunk? Where do I get it? Am I the right age? Can I Steampunk? How many gears do I need? Does it have to steam?" 

Don & Janet are always eager to educate their fans to open their eyes to a brand new world from the past that never truly was. They assure their curious customers that there are no age restrictions to the culture, and also add that Steampunk is a very "visual" society. They put the icing on the description when they share that Steampunk is home to many tinkerers, thinkers, creators, and makers. If time allows, they enjoy sharing some of the history of Steampunk too. 

Jules Verne
Steampunk most often times gets the credit of its origin from Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and rightfully so. Verne is one of the best visual creators when it comes to Steampunk. 
However, there was another fantastic author in the late 1800's who introduced novels filled with illustrations of Steampunk style apparatuses. His name was George Griffith. (Sir Bwana Beasle's inspiration for his costume). 

George Griffith was much more than an author. He was also a seaman, a teacher, and a journalist, all aspects of life that certainly had to add to his creative genius when it came to his novels. He was the author of The Angel of the Revolution, and A Honeymoon In Space to name a couple.

George Griffith

Griffith's original novel, A Honeymoon In Space, was written at the turn of the 20th century. A ground breaking story at the time, it introduced a Steampunk SF theme through illustrations. This classic story imagines a solar system full of alien life and adventure. A young American woman marries an English Lord and finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime. While touring outer space on her honeymoon the story takes the reader on a series of amazing encounters, visiting things such as the gentle Bird-Folk of Venus, Jupiter's horrifying monsters, and the aerial battleship fleets of the evil Martian warlords. Featuring the first publication’s original illustrations, it is said that this is a landmark novel in the genre of science fiction.

BeaslePunk's style of art is unique in a sense that it covers so many genres. 

Steampunk is where it all started for Don & Janet. As creative epics, they've always (and still do) enjoyed the make-believe culture. 

Their first encounter came January of 2015 when they decided to brave up and put their artwork on display. It was so well received they were humbled and excited in the same breath! 

It has become a snowball affect for them as their artwork recognition is climbing rapidly, and within a little over a year they have crafted over 200 pieces, nearly selling out every where they exhibit. 

If you would like more information regarding BeaslePunk art, would like to discover more about the artists, or find out where BeaslePunk will be next, we invite you to visit

We invite you to stop by BeaslePunk on Facebook and wish Sir Bwana Beasle a Splendid Birthday Indeed!

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