Friday, February 14, 2014

News Alert: JLB Creatives Published Author Receives Credible 5 Star Review

Congratulations from your #JLBCP Team 
This just in!  We wanted to share the awesome news that JLB Creatives Published Author Lisa Andrews, "A Life Renewed" received a credible 5 star review. 

We invite you to stop by the review and leave a comment of congratulations to our author. Here's the link:

Way to go Lisa! We're very proud of you, and are looking forward to working with you in the future.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Just In! Press Release on

By Jean E. Lane

All new authors are faced with the same dilemma: Should I take on the task of publishing a book myself or seek out a trade publisher? Self-publishing can be less expensive, but a trade publisher knows the ins and outs of the business. It would be ideal to find that intermediate publisher that can edit, layout, format, and produce that book for you.

JLB Creatives Publishing, a Florida-based company, is a type of hybrid publisher that understands what authors really want. The key personnel are authors themselves and come from both the self-published and the trade publishing side of the business. It is this combination that created a fresh new company. Owner, Janet Beasley says, “Over the past several years I have taken pride in networking with industry professionals who have a heart to serve the literary world in fresh new ways. I have invited a select few of those literary enthusiasts to become part of the new JLB Creatives Publishing team. We bring to the table a combined total of over 100 years experience in the industry.” The company is making waves in the industry and has already published a few books under the JLB Creatives Publishing trade name since the company's inception in January 2014.

L to R: Pickford Community Library's Head Librarian Ann Marie
Smith, JLBCP CEO Janet Beasley (via Skype/computer screen ),
and JLBCP Senior Editing Director Dar Bagby.
Over the past two years Janet Beasley and Dar Bagby have developed an affiliation with Ann Marie Smith, manager of the Pickford Community Library in Pickford, Michigan. Skype provides Janet and Dar the ability to teach a Young Writers Workshop at the library. This growing class of aspiring young adult writers has written and published short stories of such talent that they have gained the recognition of Frank Foster, Michigan State Representative.
Member Profile: Click Here
So what does an author really need to know? Some basic questions one should ask before choosing a course of action are: Is writing a hobby or a more serious endeavor? Do I know the industry standards? Do I really need a “professional editor?” How tech savvy am I? Can I design my own book cover? How much time can I spend on this project from inception to completion?  Can I promote and market the book by myself? How much money do I have to spend? Can I have both a print and an eBook? Will I receive royalties on the sale of my book? JLB Creatives Publishing, a member of the Florida Authors and Publishers Association, has their own professional in-house Editing Department, Design Department, and Media Department that offer authors one-on-one advice and assistance throughout the publishing process. Custom made promotion and marketing packages are offered at an additional charge. Both print and eBook versions are included in the author contract. And yes, they pay royalties to their authors.

JLB Creatives Publishing publishes both fiction and non-fiction, as well as illustrated children’s books. They accept a wide variety of genres and take electronic submissions via their website Currently they are seeking true life stories and children’s full-color, illustrated books with text (25–40 pages). Fantasy, science-fiction, mystery, and light paranormal are always welcome. Visit their website for more information.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Meet Author/Artist Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

The JLB Creatives Publishing Team does not
present to the world your typical publisher.
These ladies know when to be serious and when to have fun,
but most importantly they know how to have some serious fun!
Hello faithful fans, and welcome all you new fans. We are excited to have you here. 

If you've not had the chance to take a peek at the blog for a few days we invite you to check out the new pages we've added. 

You can now read FAQs for JLB Creatives Publishing, check out the Events page, plus our newest feature - on Thursdays - you'll have access to cool writing and publishing tips from the #JLBCP team. And it's all FREE!

All authors and artists are welcome to submit to be featured on the JLBC Blog. Simply follow the Submission Guidelines near the top of the page. You do not have to be published by JLBCP to be featured. We just simply believe there are so many worthy talented folks who deserve the chance to be discovered!

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This week we are featuring a multi-talented artist. She is internationally known, and has so much to share. If this firecracker of an artist doesn't inspire you, then we don't know who will!  Please help us in welcoming the fabulous. . .

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo from the Philippines always dreamt of becoming a writer ever since she was young. Writing has always been her passion and as proof, she has written quite a number of poems and essays from way back during her elementary days. Yes, she had dreams of publishing her own books and she has never really imagined that destiny and hard work would help her achieve greatest dream years after.

This writer is also an art lover as she considers herself a born-artist who sees beauty in all things that surround her. She loves sketching and doing some artworks in oil and pastel but these had been left out in the cobwebs since she concentrated on her writing career. 

Elizabeth is a Professional Writer/Blogger/Journalist and Published International Author and Poet and is also currently working as an Online English Instructor for Koreans. Her work has been featured in local and international magazines and publications and has been a co-author to nearly 40 international anthologies in the USA, UK, Canada, Africa and India and currently doing some more anthologies some of which are global charities which help cancer research in the USA, children in Africa, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse and more. Engaging in global charity anthologies and working with fellow foreign writers/poets and artists is her way of sharing her talent and gifts to the world.

Her recent works include composing visual poetry using her own photography which she calls as her “poetography”. Elizabeth admits that she is also one frustrated photographer and loves taking shots of clouds, nature and different objects. Her first international poetry book “Seasons of Emotions” was published by Destiny to Write Publications, UK last year January 7, 2013 after winning a competition last 2012. This paved the way for her to garner some other international awards like emerging as the overall winner of the WISMIWA (Winning Strategies Magazine International Winners Award), USA for her positive influence to her community and to people around the world last September, 2013 and another international award as “Inspirational Poet 2013” given to her at the PENTASI B Historical Forum and World Friendship Poetry Celebration held at the National Museum of the Philippines last November 15, 2013.

Her second upcoming book “Inner Reflections of the Muse” will be published by Inner Child Press, ltd. USA, a collection of her poetry including international poetry collaborations, articles and her own quotes. The book is due to be published this year, 2014.

Elizabeth also writes short stories and prose and below is an excerpt of one of her stories published in her blog and an international global anthology:

Ambush Conversation With God
By Elizabeth E. Castillo

This is a work of fiction folks. Just happen to think of what kind of convo one would have with God during one of those rare moments. As there are ambush interviews, this one I refer to as a heavenly ambush conversation.

Feeling drowsy after reading my favorite book in my own nook, my bedroom, I suddenly dozed off to dreamland. I was awakened by a certain sharp glare and found myself in a strange, dreamy, white and blue space surrounded by floating, fluffy clouds with cherubs singing wearing their bright halos on their heads.

Entangled in my confused state, I rubbed my peepers for I still can’t figure out how did I get there. I suddenly blurted out to myself “Oh, no, am I so dead now? As in dead, my soul is in heaven?” Out of the blue, I saw an apparition, someone sitting on a golden couch as if waiting for somebody – thought to myself, well waiting for me? As if time stood still, I finally saw God’s beaming, serene countenance and after a few batting of lashes out of my hurtful eyes because of the illumination, I gathered up my guts to approach her. Yes, God is a woman, not a guy we thought of would be. “I know what you’re thinking, why am I a woman appearing before your eyes instead of a guy. It’s more than a gender thing, my child. I could like being someone everyday. Just likened to your changing clothes every so often. People should learn to look beyond the physical and focus more on inner qualities”, God spoke.

Elizabeth is also currently a Contributing Editor at Inner Child the Magazine, USA and writes articles on love and relationships for her section “All About the Love.”

Other links:

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Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know Elizabeth a little bit better. We certainly hope you will check out her books and artwork, and will become a fan.

Be sure to head over here to the blog next week as we will be starting a 5 week mini series! Wanna know what it is? Then you'll have to stop by next week 
to see what the mini series is all about.

Until next time - stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate for me.

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