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Meet Author Andrew Marr

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JLBC, AIP (Authors In The Park Event Series), and Lit Wits Schedule:

AIP Event 
Spring Into Art ~ The Gallery Walk
Renaissance Bldg in Mt. Dora, Florida
April 13

2:30p - 4:00p  and 6:00p-8:00p

JLBC Executive Team Exhibit Booth
Books, Lit Wit Session Sign-Ups, Autographs, Paraphernalia, and more! 
UCF Book Festival
April 13 - UCF Orlando, Florida
10:00a - 4:00p

JLBC Executive Team Exhibit Booth
Learn about Lit Wit Sessions and AIP from our experts
Silver Springs Green Festival
Silver Springs Amusement Park
April 18 - 19
9:00a - 5:00p

AIP Event
Picnic with the Authors
Gilbert Park
Mount Dora, Florida
July 6
11:00a - 1:00p

Lit Wits Sessions
Typically the last Saturday of the month starting with
Saturday April 27, 2013

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Now, on with the show. This week we are featuring the wonderful author
Andrew Marr.

"A Benedictine monk in the Episcopal Church who writes fantasy fiction? How did that happen?"

We certain you're gonna love his story, and will want to snap up his books after reading this feature.

St. Benedict in Fairy Land
by Andrew Marr

A Benedictine monk in the Episcopal Church who writes fantasy fiction? How did that happen? The short answer is: God knows. As for myself, all I can say is that the fantastical has always fascinated me and matters of faith have always been a consuming interest. The first two books to have my name written in them were that tales of Hans Christian Andersen and Grimm’s fairy tales. I started writing fantasy stories as a child and I haven’t stopped since. My religious journey took many twists and turns during my youth, including detours in Hinduism and Buddhism, although I consistently believed that religion dealt with the most important things in life. This journey led me back to the Episcopal Church in which I was raised and then to St. Gregory’s Abbey in Three Rivers, Michigan.

Another interest that caught me and has never let me go is music. Singing in a high quality church choir as a boy introduced me to great choral masterpieces and music has been woven into my religious interests ever since. These days, I sing plainsong in the monastic church and listen to music of all kinds in my spare time. Along with my religious convictions, music is a major strand in many of my stories.
Another swirl running through all of these major interests is a concern for peace and for alternatives to violence. In my stories and other writings, seeking peace within oneself and, more important, within social relationships, has become one of the major themes I deal with. Tools for Peace engages in a dialogue between the Rule of St. Benedict and the thought inspired by René Girard, a thinker preoccupied with the social dimensions of violence while my stories take the reader through enchanted but sometimes troubling pathways in search of visions of peace.

I suppose I could sum up my outlook in life as: Saint Benedict in Fairyland. In their various ways, St. Benedict and fairy tales combine an earnest moral and spiritual drive with a delight in God’s goodness. For me, monastic discipline and the freedom of the fantastical imagination reinforce each other. Both my religious writings and my stories witness to my conviction that, contrary to the violence humans perpetrate, God has created a friendly universe grounded in God’s love for all of us.

Andrew's blog is called "Imaginary Visions of True Peace" and is located at
Andrew's Twitter handle is AndrewMarr@AndrewMarrOSB

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children's author Jo Linsdell.

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