Friday, July 15, 2016

An Introduction to Printing Terminology

   In the publishing industry we use words with which you may, at some point, come in contact. If you are interested only in ePublishing you really won't need to be concerned with them. But if you are hoping to publish a print copy of your work, it might be a good idea to become familiar with some of the printing jargon.
   The trimmed sheets of paper that a reader turns in a printed (and bound) book are called leaves. Each leaf has a front and a back; a page is one side of the leaf. One side of the leaf lies in the right hand position when the book is opened, and the other side lies to the left when the leaf is turned. When the book is open, the right side is called recto, and the left side is called verso.
   The whole page numbering system is based on recto and verso; rectos are always odd-numbered, and versos are always even-numbered. Did you ever wonder why the first page of a book is on the right hand side? It's page 1; that's an odd-numbered page, and rectos are always odd-numbered. Now you know!
   And speaking of page numbering, the printing term is pagination. Page numbers are actually called folios and are most commonly found at the top of the page. If they are printed at the bottom, they are called drop folios. Page numbers that do not appear--such as on the first page of a chapter--are referred to as blind folios. Sometimes pages are inserted into printed books after the pagination is already finished (e.g., color illustrations, photo galleries printed on a different kind of paper). These are NOT blind folios but are called non-paginated folios.
   The position of the folios are most commonly found at the top of the page on the far right on rectos and are referred to as flush right recto and at the top of the page on the far left on versos and are referred to as flush left verso. Drop folios usually appear centered on each page; however, you will also occasionally find them flush right recto or flush left verso.
   So when your editor contacts you with questions about where you prefer your folios to appear, you can WOW him/her by answering either flush right recto and flush left verso, or you can WOW him/her even further by discussing drop folios. Most publishers won't expect you to know these terms, so it might give you a few extra points when communicating with your publishing company. And that never hurts.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

From the Nose of Our Kayak: Chapter 7 Another New Kayak?

Hello and welcome to the JLB Creatives Blog, where you'll find an array of creative features from a hand-picked group of creative geniuses. 

Wednesdays on the JLB Creatives Blog are set aside for our blog book, "From the Nose of Our Kayak." JLB Creatives CEO, Janet Beasley, and her husband, Don, have been kayaking for nearly 10 years. Together they are excited to share with you their awesome experiences that they have encountered. In this Wednesday feature you'll find kayaking stories, scenic nature photography from their outings, and some helpful tips when it comes to maneuvering your "butt sleds" (aka kayaks) on your journeys.

So if this is a topic that interests you, you'll want to be sure and become a follower of the JLB Creatives Blog, and stop in on Wednesdays each week for the latest chapter in Don & Janet Beasley's adventure blog book, "From the Nose of Our Kayak." 

Previous chapters can be found in our blog archives. We began the series on June 1, 2016.


From the Nose of Our Kayak
Don & Janet Beasley
Chapter 7: Another New Kayak?

The anxious parents
If you remember from our last chapter, we warned you about the sport of kayaking being addicting, and justifying all of the new kayaks you will add to your collection over time. As you will see, our new-old kayak told us what we wanted to know...YES!...we loved the harder plastic and rudder, so it was time to upgrade to a brand new Wilderness Systems T145!

After much research we marveled at how the pictures showed us that the seats alone were worth the price...fully adjustable, softer, and the back of my seat would not fold over backwards when I leaned back. We loved the bright orange color so other boats could easily spot us on the water. There was only one teensy tiny set back...

Our brand new Wilderness Systems T145
...we lived in Florida and had to have it shipped to Michigan to greet us the summer of 2010 when we arrived at our (used to be) summer home on Waishkey Bay in Brimley. Luckily my folks had gone to the cabin a few weeks ahead of us, so they were there to receive the shipment. We couldn't wait to pull up to the cabin and get busy unwrapping our new "toy." 

We arrived at the cabin, and low and behold, the real set back...the folks were apparently as excited about it as we were! When we ran to the garage we found our kayak had already been opened! Then we were treated to the "unveiling" via digital pics. 

Don took the first test drive on the lake by himself. One of the great features of the Wilderness T145 is that you can tandem or single paddle the kayak. He adjusted the seat, and boom!...he was single kayaking in minutes. 

We splurged and purchased....wait for it...wait for it...oh, just watch the video:

After the test drive we headed for a "glamping" trip with my sis and brother-in-law. We went to Germfask, Michigan. The little cabins there were adorable! We enjoyed eating camp food and sitting around the campfire. And best of all, we had the pleasure of introducing the relatives to kayaking...on the Manistique River that runs right through the Seney Wildlife Drive. Here's a video that recaps the fun we had on that trip...

Germfask has an interesting history regarding its founding and naming. The name, Germfask, was created using the surname initials of eight of the original settlers of 1881: John Grant, Matthew Edge, George Robinson, Thaddeus Mead, Dr. W. W. French, Ezekiel Ackley, Oscar (O.D.) Sheppard, and Hezekiah Knaggs. The community served as a station on the Manistique Railway. A post office was granted on February 26, 1890. Germfask also holds a military history dating back to WWII. To read more we invite you to check out an article by the Military History of the Upper Great Lakes click here.

In the distant vicinity of Germfask you'll find the small town of Curtis, Michigan. Chamberlin's Old Forest Inn and The Lakeside Dining Room Restaurant are a main attraction. If you ever get the chance to feast at this marvelous establishment, we highly recommend the experience. Chamberlin's holds a history all it's own. Straight from the Chamberlin's
Janet at the entrance to The Lakeside Dining Room
website: Though dating from the late 1800's, the sprawling, 7500 square foot structure has only been at its present site since 1924. Built by a railroad company near the Curtis station to serve as a passenger hotel, the building was moved to its present location after the lumber boom for the tiny community located between two inland lakes, bringing homesteaders to the area and increasing logging activity. For more information you can visit Chamberlin's on the web by clicking here

Our first outing in the new kayak set the tone for the many adventures that awaited us. We look forward to returning to Germfask some day to relive the serenity, fun, and enchantment.


Kayak tip of the week: Don't pack your hotdog buns in the bottom of the kayak if you're going to be loading the kayak with heavy items. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Say Hello to Fantasy Author Noah Kamper

Noah Kamper joined the Pickford Community Library Young Writers Workshop when he was only 11 years old. He had a passion for the craft, and a wonderful story to tell.

Pickford Community Library manager, Ann Marie Smith, came to JLB Creatives Publishing's senior editor and head facilitator of the writing group, Dar Bagby, and said, "I've got a little guy who is probably too young to join, but he sure has a heart and a passion for the craft of writing. Do you suppose it would be OK if I'd let him in this year?"

Dar answered, "If he's that enthusiastic about writing, then you need to let him in!"

Eager and ready to write Noah showed up at the first gathering in  October of 2013. He brought a smile to the JLB Creatives Publishing team's faces every time he joined in the conversation. He was brilliant, resilient, and wanted nothing more than for us to read his stories. We did, and were (and still are) thoroughly entertained by this young man's talent. We encouraged him to continue with the Young Writers Workshop group each year, and not only Ann Marie, but also the JLBCP team is pleased to say that he has, and has grown into an upstanding young gentleman of an author. 

Noah has been a member of the Young Writers Workshop since 2013. He has accomplished the novice writing techniques and has moved up to the advanced curriculum of Journey to Publication. He also served as a crucial input part of the curriculum, and continues to learn and enjoy all that the literary world has to offer. 

When asked to review what the Journey to Publication Writing Program had done for him in 2015, Noah wrote, "I learned so much for my English class (I learned nothing there). The YWW group taught me first. I am taking the M-Step standard test, and I learned all of the material from the YWW group, not my English class."

JLB Creatives Publishing is proud to have published Noah's first novella in 2016. Visit Triforce Warriors on Smashwords to download your FREE copy of this up and coming author's outstanding work.

When the dark sorceress, Cia, spawns hordes of monsters upon Hyrule, she engulfs it in a bloody war to decide its fate. Link, The Hylian Army's General, along with Impa, his commander, and Sheik, a mysteriously disguised Sheikah, must now seek the power of the fabled Triforce—the almighty gift from the goddesses that grants any wish to those who hold it—in order to banish Cia and all her monsters from Hyrule'.

Won't you please join us in congratulating this young fantasy author, Noah Kamper, by leaving a comment below in this post. We know he'll be delighted to receive your encouragement and support. 

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JLB Creatives Blog Hosts
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