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Blog Interview with Daniel Carter

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...I was asked by Daniel L. Carter, author of The Unwanted Trilogy (available in multiple formats) to participate in a blog interview. 

If you'd like to read the interview, you may visit:
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WEEK 17 will post on the JLB Creatives blog Sunday night at 12:01 midnight. You won't want to miss week 17, I asked some of my fellow authors to answer one question for me...and they did! But you'll have to stop back by after midnight on Sunday to see their cool answers, plus a special Happy Father's Day portfolio just for dad's, and more!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

WEEK 16 - Short Stories

Hello faithful fans! Thanks for returning to the JLB Creatives blog. We hope you're enjoying the posts and are inviting your friends to become a part of the fun!

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YAY JLB Creatives blog! We were one of 30 blogs chosen to participate in a blog tour this week.
If you didn't get the chance to check out the previous post titled "A World Without Books" you may check it out below this post.

Also at the bottom of the post you will find the entire list of all 30 blogs who got to participate.

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Audio is really nasty - but what do you expect from being outdoors near the street? :)
"Short Stories"

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WEEK 16 TOPIC POST: Short Stories on the website
      Writing short stories is hard enough - but doing it off the cuff when you have a spare moment adds another challenge to the mix. 

     I often heard it said that writing less is harder than writing more - I couldn't really understand that in the beginning of my novel writing career. It made more sense to me to say it the other way around. If there was less to say, it should be much easier...when I tried it, I found that I was sadly mistaken! :)

     Writing short stories is difficult for novelists - especially epic fantasy writers. Us epic fantasy writers choose the genre for many reasons, with one being we just can't seem to present our stories without some added fluff, long time frames, and bizarre characters - all of which allow us to utilize our creativity to the fullest and it takes a lot of words to get these things across.

     I definitely have to commend the short story fantasy/SF writers of the world - kudos to you! The great thing is though, through your short stories I'm learning another aspect of being able to write in my genre. I decided, if I want to keep my creativity and writing skills as sharp as possible, take my brain in all directions, entertain my blog followers with interesting stories that hold their attention...and leave them wanting more...short stories is where I need to venture. And just to make it even more of a challenge for myself, I'm doing it off the cuff. If I have an extra 15 mins, then I get busy inventing a story line as I write.  

     Does this mean I'm not going to continue with my epic fantasies? Not at all - it just means I'm constantly working my brain to be more creative, and hopefully spark new ideas for future novels.

     The best way to keep up with when I've added "more to the story," is to simply follow me on Twitter. When I've had some spare time and written a little bit more, I tweet that there is "MORE TO THE STORY." 

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by Janet
Fly your kite of life from a 
different perspective today!

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     Who knew kite flying could be so much fun? I remember as a kid standing with grampa in anticipation in the back yard, unwinding string for what seemed like hours, and watching the kite rise into the air and hover. It was cool (or so I thought), plus I got to be with grampa. 

     Then one day I discovered there was so much more to kite flying than met the eye! Before you knew it we had ourselves a stunt kite, and were dreaming of doing this!

I by no means endorse this video, I don't get click through money, or anything like that. It's just another cool video I found one day while surfing the web for stunt kite coolness! ;-)

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     Another fun week here at the blog. We discovered I'm pushing myself to the limits writing short stories off the cuff, and we learned about stunt kites. Short but sweet I like to say! 

     I hope you have a wonderful week filled with tons of laughter, smiles, and fun, and we look forward to seeing you here next week on the blog. 

     Keep up the sharing - you're doing great! Just use the links on the right of the blog to inform your friends about JLB Creatives. Remember to follow us on Twitter for the latest news regarding there's "More to the Story."

     Don't forget to leave us a comment - we'd love to know how your summer is starting out! And be sure and check out the blog tour post "A World Without Books" - all 30 participants are listed on the bottom of this post. Take some time to read all of the different interpretations of the title, and it would be great if you'd leave them a comment to let them know you stopped by. 

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Stay casual, live life to the fullest, and laugh at least once a day!
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