Monday, November 26, 2012

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays...

     Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season from all of us at JLB Creatives to you and your family.

     We will not be making any more posts for the year 2012 as we take this very special time to decorate, visit with our families and friends, attend holiday parties, feast on seasonal goodies, and share our homes and feast with those who are alone for the holidays. 

     AND gear up for a great 2013 here on the blog!

     This post will remain on the blog through January 6, 2013.

     At that time our regular Monday posts will return, and wait till you discover what we have in store for the upcoming year!

     We couldn't be happier with the success we had in 2012. Thanks to all of you who have helped JLB Creatives founder and author of the Hidden Earth Series Janet Beasley, climb the charts,and open up opportunities she hadn't even imagined. Including paperbacks and ebooks, the Hidden Earth Series has sold over 1500 copies. 

     In addition to that wonderful news, author Janet Beasley and illustrator Dar Bagby were invited to become the teen writer's group facilitators for 2012/2013 at the Pickford Community Library, appear at several book signings and events, meet and greet with classes ranging from 3rd grade and up to introduce Maycly, and place Maycly in libraries nationwide.

     The buzz about 2013 and the JLB Creatives Blog is included at the bottom of this post, but first we want to share with you, all of the awesome gift ideas we have to offer for this wonderful season. Simply click on any book listed below and it will take you to Amazon where you will find that particular book.


 All of the great books below have been Wiskee approved! 

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Coming Attractions in 2013 to the
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Your email must include your full name, and your email address for correspondence purposes. Please put Submission Guideline Request in the subject of the email.

And that's all you need do for your chance at stardom on the JLB Creatives Blog in 2013! 

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May your days be Merry and Bright
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JLB Creatives Blog Hosts
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