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Blog Tour for Maycly Week 1

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Local illustrator promotes books at Brimley Elementary School library

Brimley resident, Dar Bagby, provides illustrations for the Hidden Earth series of fantasy books for young readers.

Photo courtesy of Fred Newman

Dar Bagby of Brimley is a literary illustrator. Her sister, Janet Beasley of Astatula, Florida, is the author of a 6-volume series of fantasy books for young readers calledHidden Earth, with Volume 1, MAYCLY containing more than 70 of Dar’s illustrations in black and white. On Thursday (5-17) Dar did a presentation in the Brimley School library at the invitation of librarian, Esther Waters. Dar read aloud one chapter of MAYCLY, which was released this past February, along with a companion book (The Chukkons Say, “Ye Need ta Be a-Seein’ Maycly”) containing all of Dar’s illustrations and maps, full-sized and in full color, some of which were presented via a slide show for the students.

The books, which are being sold internationally, may be purchased on, and they are also available at the Four Seasons IGA Market in Brimley and The Berry Patch Bakery & Restaurant in Paradise. In addition, they are for sale on the following web site: along with all sorts of paraphernalia (clothing, tech accessories, drink ware, pet T-shirts, jewelry, blankets, clocks, tote bags, etc) all displaying your favorite characters, both Good and Evil.

Dar has a standing invitation at Brimley Elementary School to promote her and her sister’s books as the volumes are released. She and her sister will be doing three local area book signings (Bayliss Public Library, Four Seasons IGA Market, and The Berry Patch Bakery & Restaurant—details will be available at a later date) when the author visits Brimley in late August/early September. Books will be for sale at the signings, and books that have been purchased previously will gladly be signed if brought to the events.

Illustrator Dar Bagby
Educating & Entertaining

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Hello faithful fans and followers!
We're continuing our break from The Blast From the Past posts - 
and heading into the future!
For the next three weeks, I'll be taking a break from writing
and putting my efforts toward a wonderful adventure with Maycly:
a 15 day / featured on multiple blogs, Blog Tour sponsored by:

Maycly and I will be on tour around the web, making stops at several 
different blogs from all around the world! 

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Please be sure to check out the dates and visit each blog as every date is a new blog by a new blog host. Not every post I write will be the same - there will be book reviews, interviews, book features, guest posts, twitterviews and more!

As you can see - I've got my work cut out for me these next three weeks.
Stop back here at the JLB Creatives Blog every Monday for
the next week's tour stops!
(please note: dates and locations are subject to change without notice)

This week's schedule where you
will find Janet and Maycly:

18th May -  Featured at 
Peace from Pieces
(Book Feature)

19th May - Featured at 
Waiting on Sunday
(Book Review)

20th May - Featured at 
Jeffrey Kosh's blog
(Guest Post, Author Interview & Book Feature)

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Check back next Monday for the latest dates 
and blog stops on the tour!

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And simply because I totally appreciate my's a pic n' thought by me,  for you to enjoy this week:
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See you next week!
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