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Meet Nancy A. Kaiser

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So you thought you’d be a writer – how’s that workin’ out for ya?

Actually, I never thought about being a writer. I backed into it when I began writing a personal journal in order to heal from a unexpected trauma after my husband retired and we moved to the mountains of North Carolina. Six weeks into construction of our retirement home he decided to tell me he “never wanted to be here.” Within a week, we were separated and seven months later divorced. I was living 600 miles from everyone I knew without a home or job on the side of a mountain. My family consisted of two Labradors, 3 barn cats, and a horse. I never saw it coming and was left shattered and feeling that I’d failed.

About a year later, I began a personal journal to try to learn what I needed to from my dark night of the soul. I wrote for about 14 months and learned more about myself than in the first 53 years of my life. After sharing portions of it with friends they convinced me to turn it into a book to help others who were suffering from life’s traumatic twists & turns. In June 08, my first book, Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transformation was published. Based on the many comments from readers, my friends were right to encourage me to share my remarkable journey of healing with others. Writing allowed me to uncover lessons that had been lost in the moment. I became an observer of life as I wrote about my experiences, which removed me from the intense emotions of the moment that hid the lessons my soul was presenting me.

My Ex was a horse vet and I managed our equine hospital and breeding farm in New Jersey for 27 years. During this time, one of our client’s foals taught me my life’s purpose, which was to be an animal communicator and healer. Over the years, many animals chose me to be their voice. The lessons they taught me were nothing short of astonishing. I’d always known that one day I wanted to write their stories. Given the warm reception for Letting Go, I knew it was time to share all I’d learned from the animals over the past 20 years. Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Master Teachers was released in October 11. It shares the lives and lessons of the filly foal, who taught me I was meant to be an animal communicator, and my personal animals.

Writing allows me to reach so many more people with the lessons I’ve learned from my personal trauma and from the many animals that have come to me for assistance. Knowing my words have helped another navigate their life’s challenges or live more happily with their pets is truly gratifying. So, writing is workin’ out wonderfully for me!

Let’s say you’re thinking about going on once in a life time vacation…how exciting! What are some of the places you’d consider, and what would you do while you’re there?

I’ve been blessed to vacation more than once in several of Mother Earth’s most spectacular spots. I’ve twice been to Banff & Jasper Parks in Alberta, Canada, which I feel this is the most beautiful and spiritual area in the world. I’m very fortunate to have a timeshare on Maui that I visit often. There are two places I’ve yet to experience that would qualify as once in a lifetime trips for me: Alaska and Australia & New Zealand.

I had hoped to vacation in Alaska back in the late 80s after completing a dream trip to Kenya. No matter how I worked it, Alaska was just out of reach financially. The size of Alaska would warrant a longer than usual vacation for me. I’d want to spend no less than 3 weeks and probably a month. When I’m away I experience everything possible about my destination. Alaska to me is wildlife and breathtaking scenery very much like Alberta. I want to take a smaller cruise ship allowing the possibility of getting up-close-and-personal with any wildlife along the shores. I want to see whales and glaciers. I want take the train to Denali Park and stay at the lodge in the Park. I’d like to fly over the expansive mountains and spend time learning about the Inuit culture.

Australia & New Zealand require a month just because of the long flight to get there from North Carolina. I have been fascinated by the Aborigine Dreamtime for years. I was privileged to take a workshop at the Omega Institute, a holistic learning center, in Rhinebeck, New York taught by an aboriginal couple from the Pitjantjatjara people. We were the first people in North America who they shared their wisdom with. It was an amazing experience. I’d love to reconnect with them in the Pitjantjatjara Land. A visit to the Barrier Reef is a must. Meeting Australia’s unique collection of animals is a tremendous draw for an animal communicator.

From all accounts, New Zealand is uniquely different from Australia and deserves the time to experience its natural environment and culture as well. What little I’ve seen in pictures leaves me breathless. No matter where I travel, I’m all about the natural beauty of an area, the animals that live there, and the indigenous cultures. In addition to studying about the Dreamtime with the aboriginal couple at Omega, I’ve also studied with an American Indian and a Shaman there. The knowledge that they shared was astonishing. It is wisdom that needs to be shared or it will be lost forever.

What book or books are you currently working on? Can we expect a new release soon?

I am not currently working on a book, but there will be a third. Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Being a Clear Voice will share the lessons I have learned from working with my clients’ animals. There have been so many lessons taught over the years by so many remarkable animals that they couldn’t fit into one book. I will begin work on it when my intuition tells me the time is right.

What kind of animals,birds, or fish do you like best? Do you have any pets - how many do you have and what are their names?

Being an animal communicator, I like most animals. As far as domestics, my favorites are horses, dogs, and cats. I have an issue with animals that are caged. Whales, dolphins, hawks, eagles, mountain lions, giraffes, and deer are favorites in the wild realm.

I’ve ridden and trained horses for the past 50 years. Currently, I have a Swedish Warmblood, whose name is Follow Your Heart aka Stormy. He is my grandson since raised him and his motheron my farm in New Jersey. He was born almost 11 years ago on Mother’s Day during a thunderstorm. I live with two Labrador brothers, Hana and Saba, who will turn 7-years-old in late May. They are named after two of my favorite places on Earth. Hana is on Maui and Saba is a Caribbean island near St. Marrten. These spots are two of the most healing areas I’ve ever visited. I lost my last two barn cats a few years ago and have chosen not to replace them.

Time for adventure! Your friends are heading out to go skydiving for the first time…are you going to join them or suggest a different adventure? If you go skydiving please elaborate, or if you suggest something else what would your favorite adventure be?

Definitely, not skydiving.
Depending on my location, I would go snorkeling in Maui or whale-watching if it was winter. If I was somewhere that offered horse-packing trips, I’d choose that. There is nothing more magical than discovering an area from the back of a horse. Wildlife are much less afraid of you if you’re on a horse. Places I’ve ridden over the years: twice into Haleakala Crater on Maui, for a week in Banff Park, Alberta, Canada, a week in the Teton Wilderness and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, and Snowmass, Colorado. Back in the late 80s, I enjoyed a phenomenal hot-air balloon ride over the Masi Mara in Kenya. This is perhaps the most exciting and memorable adventure of all that I would love to repeat one day.

Forget about make-believe super powers…we’ll never have them – bummer, I know right? But good news…TRUE super powers come in different forms such as a great attitude, a wonderful personality, loving kindness, and other cool traits like those. Who’s the one super hero in your life, and what is their TRUE super power?

The one super hero in my life was my dad. I lost him in 2000, yet a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him. When I was living through the dark night of my soul that became my first book, Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transformation, I sensed the presence of my dad often. The lessons that he taught me throughout the 49 years we shared helped me survive and now flourish.

I followed my dad into the practice of pharmacy. It was while working with him in Kaiser’s Rexall Drug Store that I witnessed his TRUE super power. My dad was a “people person” plain and simple. I was far more comfortable with animals. I’d watch my father turn an angry customer, who was vehement about whatever their complaint was, into feeling sympathetic for him within a few short minutes. I’d watch this over and over and simply marvel at his gift.  

Dad took me to all the horse shows until I was old enough to drive. If he could stay, he would groom for me. If he had to work, he’d leave me, the horses, and the trailer and return after working all day. Many times he was able to stay. I knew he was very proud of his daughter’s success at the shows. The funny thing was that my dad knew more people at the horse shows than I did.

My dad’s presence is missed every day, but his treasure-trove of lessons remain. Whenever I tell people that I’m really not a people person, they ask, “Why do you think that? You’re great with people.” It always makes me smile while whispering, “Thanks, Dad!”

We all love stories – especially yours! Would you be willing to give the readers a synopsis of your current book?

My latest book, Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Master Teachers, is the book I always intended to write one day even before I knew I could write. This book chronicles the tales of the remarkable animals that taught me that I was destined to be an animal communicator and healer. They begin after my marriage to an equine veterinarian in 1977. Having left pharmacy to manage our equine hospital and breeding farm in central New Jersey, I found astonishing animals and events entering my life. From my life on Fair Chance Farm, through my move to the mountains of North Carolina, and subsequent divorce, the lessons and unconditional love of the extraordinary animals will simply astound you. Tales will broaden your perspective on the significance of your animals in your life while helping you develop more meaningful relationships with not only your animals, but all animals. You will never look at your own animals the same way again! A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Tales are donated to my local Humane Society, Noah’s Wish, and The Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown, California.

If you could personally thank one person, or several (living or not) for giving you the strength, determination, and perseverance to continue in your writing who would you thank?

First and foremost, my parents, who were the first role models in my life. I have been blessed with an amazing life thanks to their willingness to support me in everything I did; from my first riding lesson at age 8, purchasing horses as I moved up each level of the show world, providing my pharmacy education, and eventually joining us on the farm and spending their last 20 years there. They always had my back.

I have to thank all of the animals that have shared their lives, love, and lessons with me. I am honored that they’ve chosen me to be their voice. To those who are/were my personal animals, I would have never become the woman that I am without you guiding me along the path. To my clients’ animals, I am so gratified to have been able to help you through your issues with living in the human world. It’s your trust in me that motivates me to keep writing and share your lessons so that together we can heal the human-animal bond.  

Do you create and design your own book covers?

I envision my book covers and work with a fabulous book designer, Janet Aiossa, who brings them to life. Each time her cover has gone way far beyond my vision of it. Working with her is the easiest part of the entire process, which she says is because I know exactly what I want.

As a self-published author do you recommend having your novels professionally edited? Please give us some cool thoughts of why you chose the answer you did.

Absolutely! I want my readers to have the best book I can produce and that takes a village. I work with an editor and then a proofreader before it ever gets to my book designer. I think you could edit forever, but you finally reach a point where you just say, “Enough.” No book is ever perfect, but I want my books to be the best they can be. I want my readers to know that when they spend their money they are getting almost perfection.

As a self-published author do you think that the ebook phenomenon helps or hinders your sales? Please let us know why you chose the answer you chose.

Both my books are available as eBooks on numerous sites. Personally, I don’t own an ereader. I’m just an old-fashioned kind of gal, but there are millions of people do. You have to give the people what they want. I am sure I’ve sold eBooks to people who wouldn’t have bought a print book, which helps my sales. On the other hand, I don’t give away or low-ball price my eBooks. Having thousands of free eBooks or those priced quite low available to the reader pool hinders my sales. Honestly, I think there are far less readers in the world today than even 10 years ago due to all the digital and computer entertainment options out there. It’s just a different world now.

Where can we find your book(s)?

Personalized, print copies are available on my Website.

Letting Go


Print copies and ebooks are also available from most online booksellers such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, etc. I'd like to personally invite you to check out my author page on Amazon - it's easy, just click here.

You will also find me on Facebook and Twitter:



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