Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet Author Sheila Deeth

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This week we are featuring the fabulous author Sheila Deeth. Sheila has chosen our Author Splash feature. This type feature allows you to get to know the author on a more personal level. You'll discover many wonderful things about this author, and we hope you'll consider purchasing one of her outstanding books. 



I was born in England. Last spring I went back to celebrate my Mum’s 85th birthday with family and friends. We drove the rolling English country roads, enjoyed sunshine and rain, and ate cake!

Actually, I didn’t eat cake ’cause I’m Celiac. I used to say avoiding gluten helped me stay slim (well, slim-ish). But then we lost our dog and I started gaining weight. I think it was walking Maggie that kept me slim-ish.

I really love dogs, but I can’t persuade my husband to get another one. Our three sons have finally flown the nest and I think he’s enjoying the freedom.  

I love my family, the Bible, mathematics, science, patterns, logic, reading, music and art. And I love writing. Someone once asked me to list things I hated, but it’s kind of hard. “Don’t you hate some genres of book?” they said. But my sons (those handsome guys who flew the nest) say I have no taste because I like almost everything. I have no taste in music either, but maybe that’s a Mum thing. Different types of music put me in mind of different sons.

So, going back to England... I grew up there, went to Catholic schools and loved them, went to Cambridge University to study mathematics and loved it, met a nice young mathematician and married him, and then we came to the States. We only had temporary visas so it was only a three-year trip, but we took a very expensive souvenir home—our first-born, fully American son. Two more sons and several years later we came back on Green Cards and stayed, finally becoming citizens many many years afterward—it’s a long slow process.

So now I’m an English American, Catholic Protestant, mathematician writer—a contradiction in terms, which suits me fine. After all, I didn’t claim to be logical—I just said I love logic.
And I love the Bible, which I do claim is logical. That’s why I write so much about it.

My twitter handle: @SheilaDeeth


We certainly hope you enjoyed discovering the life of Sheila. 
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