Monday, July 11, 2016

Say Hello to Fantasy Author Noah Kamper

Noah Kamper joined the Pickford Community Library Young Writers Workshop when he was only 11 years old. He had a passion for the craft, and a wonderful story to tell.

Pickford Community Library manager, Ann Marie Smith, came to JLB Creatives Publishing's senior editor and head facilitator of the writing group, Dar Bagby, and said, "I've got a little guy who is probably too young to join, but he sure has a heart and a passion for the craft of writing. Do you suppose it would be OK if I'd let him in this year?"

Dar answered, "If he's that enthusiastic about writing, then you need to let him in!"

Eager and ready to write Noah showed up at the first gathering in  October of 2013. He brought a smile to the JLB Creatives Publishing team's faces every time he joined in the conversation. He was brilliant, resilient, and wanted nothing more than for us to read his stories. We did, and were (and still are) thoroughly entertained by this young man's talent. We encouraged him to continue with the Young Writers Workshop group each year, and not only Ann Marie, but also the JLBCP team is pleased to say that he has, and has grown into an upstanding young gentleman of an author. 

Noah has been a member of the Young Writers Workshop since 2013. He has accomplished the novice writing techniques and has moved up to the advanced curriculum of Journey to Publication. He also served as a crucial input part of the curriculum, and continues to learn and enjoy all that the literary world has to offer. 

When asked to review what the Journey to Publication Writing Program had done for him in 2015, Noah wrote, "I learned so much for my English class (I learned nothing there). The YWW group taught me first. I am taking the M-Step standard test, and I learned all of the material from the YWW group, not my English class."

JLB Creatives Publishing is proud to have published Noah's first novella in 2016. Visit Triforce Warriors on Smashwords to download your FREE copy of this up and coming author's outstanding work.

When the dark sorceress, Cia, spawns hordes of monsters upon Hyrule, she engulfs it in a bloody war to decide its fate. Link, The Hylian Army's General, along with Impa, his commander, and Sheik, a mysteriously disguised Sheikah, must now seek the power of the fabled Triforce—the almighty gift from the goddesses that grants any wish to those who hold it—in order to banish Cia and all her monsters from Hyrule'.

Won't you please join us in congratulating this young fantasy author, Noah Kamper, by leaving a comment below in this post. We know he'll be delighted to receive your encouragement and support. 

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