Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Fairy Tale Cookbook ~ Unleashed!

Hello faithful fans, and welcome to all ye who are new!

I know we usually post on Mondays, but we couldn't wait to share the news! 

We've got a book release - a big surprise - and deals
just in time for the holidays!

This week we are unleashing the fairy tale cookbook:

Over 400 pages, 300+ recipes ~ meat and meatless, 2 indexes (1 by ingredient, the other by recipe name), tons of photos, new illustrations, menus, restaurant owner histories, 
and more!

"More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup"
 stems from the inspirational epic fantasy 

It's a one of a kind cookbook now available on Amazon.
And makes an amazing gift for those who love to cook and/or bake things that are out of this world! 

What? You haven't read Maycly yet? Not to worry. . .you don't need to know the story to use the cookbook, but we are certain once you dive into this classic of cuisine you'll want to read the original classic! 
(Also available on Amazon)

How did the cookbook come to be?
Author Janet Beasley was a food industry specialist before she became a full time author. She expanded her family business from gourmet dog treats to a sweet confections bakery where she developed her own delectable creations for peeps. From the bakery she developed 4 themed restaurants. When medical limitations brought her to a halt physically, she didn't give up mentally! She returned to her passion for writing and incorporated her themed restaurants into her debut inspirational epic fantasy novel Maycly the Trilogy - Volume 1 of 6 in the Hidden Earth Series. 
~     ~     ~

We're making it easier than ever for you to become a fan of Maycly as we've reduced the price on the digital version of the trilogy (all 3 ebooks) are only .99 cents each through December 31, 2012. That's less than $3 bucks for the entire trilogy! All 3 ebooks are available on Amazon

To let you in on a little secret, Maycly Trilogy ebooks climbed the ranks to #1, #2, & #3 on Amazon's Religious Fantasy List and have remained in the top 10!  

The paperback trilogy joined the fast rise to the top with the ebooks.

AND. . .to cap it off the ebooks held steady ahead of The Hunger Games on Amazon's Fantasy Adventure top 30 for a lengthy run!

Be sure to check out the full color illustration companion book that accompanies Maycly, "The Chukkons Say, Ye Need ta Be a-Seein' Maycly." The perfect enhancement to read before, during, or after. This outstanding paperback brings you full color illustrations by Dar Bagby along with detailed descriptions to give you a more in-depth knowledge of the plants, animals, and dwellings on Maycly. There are NO spoiler alerts - so if you read it before you read Maycly you'll know exactly what those creative creatures are and the purpose they serve.  Snag your copy from Amazon today!

That about wraps it up for this week.
Be sure to take advantage of the deals and grab some cool gifts for the culinary experts in your circles.

As always - until next week. . .
Stay casual ~ live life to the fullest 
~ and have a piece of chocolate for me.

Your Blog Host
Author Janet Beasley

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