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Ebook or Hard Copy

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Always make time for a sunset

Hello everyone! So great to see you here.
Regular blog posts are still appearing on Mondays - but with a little bit of a twist. 

Due to the enormous success we have had with Maycly - I need to get busy on the next 5 read right...5 more novels! For this reason, every Monday we're going to head to the archives and the postings will be some of the coolest and most helpful blog posts I made throughout 2011 and early 2012. This will allow me the much time needed to let my creativity run wild and write, and write, and write. ;-)

Not to worry, I'm not abandoning my fans - I'll still be at your fingertips through comments here on the blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and other social media. 

So, without any further ado - welcome to the past!

Original Post Date:
3 / 24 / 11

Welcome to WEEK 5 here on the JLB Creatives Blog. So glad to see you back and joining in the fun. Also - Welcome  to all of you who have just joined us for the first time. I'm sure you'll find  the blog to be informative, interactive, and fun for the whole family!

Ebooks or Hard Copies?

     So - are you typing the word "SMILE" or are you gonna "ROCK-ON" with the hard copies? I'll be you'll bet surprised to find out which I like best...BOTH! Here's why.

     Ebooks have become a part of my regular day now. Personally I love them! Especially those that include their illustrations and other fun things. I like the way I can have my entire "current" library on hand without the bulkiness of numerous paperbacks and hard cover novels. I'm usually reading 3-4 books at a time, so you can see where the convenience comes in for someone like me. 

     My first e-reader was a gift from my wonderful husband at Christmas time. He was smart enough to know how much I enjoyed being online, surfing, catching up on network sites, posting news on the blog, etc. With all of that in mind, he chose an inexpensive e-reader for me that was also wifi and internet compatible. He said he started small to see if it was something I'd use. Long story short - it's only been 3 months and with the use I've put on it, I'm already set on moving up to something that moves faster with the page turns, holds more apps, connects faster, etc. 

     But does this mean I'm ready to completely burn my hard copy books? Not by any means! And there's some books I still enjoy holding in my hands as a tangible item, not a digital one. For instance..."coffee table" books filled with beautiful photos and illustrations are some I will always buy in hard copy. Yes, I love having the digital illustrations in the novels, but I also L-O-V-E having my gorgeous photo/illustration books that accompany so many successful novels.

     Good novel "Maycly" will be no different! There will be ebooks of the novel itself complete with illustrations, but there will also be hard copy "coffee table" style books available for purchase containing Dar Bagby's illustrations, in depth descriptions, and more. 

     By being a member on this blog, you'll be among the first to know when both the ebook version AND the hard copy illustration books hit the market. If you haven't become a "Follower" as of yet, I encourage you to do, simply by clicking the "FOLLOW" button at the top of the blog page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at
Pic n' Thought
by: Janet
It takes time for a rose to come into full bloom,
but they're always worth the wait.
Your talents and dreams are no different.

     Since we're looking at a rose, do you know how many different types of roses there are? I had no idea until I began to research the information. And you know what I found out? WOW! There's a lot out there! 

     There are plenty of flowers on "Maycly" but none as beautiful as a rose. My favorite color rose is a purple rose - just like Iona's. (Who's Iona, you ask? In time, it will be revealed who Iona is as we get closer to the debut of my novel. So stay tuned to the JLB Creatives Blog so you don't miss her introduction.) I carried purple roses at my wedding (30 years ago this July) and they have remained on my all time favorites list of flowers, right under the Bird of Paradise - proper name: Strelitzia, and Plumerias - to me, the best smelling flowers around. (see BONUS LINKS for additional flowers!)

     I stumbled across the LINK OF THE WEEK while doing some research, and thought you might find it interesting...with it being Spring time and all. 

     I by no means endorse this site. I don't receive any compensation for numbers of clicks, etc. I strictly found a cool site I wanted to share with my JLB Creative bloggers if they're interested in learning about roses.

And here's a couple of BONUS LINKS for you to enjoy as well.
Again - I do not endorse them nor make anything by you clicking on them. 
They're strictly there for you to enjoy and learn...yeah, really! :)


And if you're interested in taking a look at my "best of the best" flower photos, you may do so by visiting
JLB Creatives Flower Gallery

     Well, that about wraps it up for WEEK 5. Remember, The Comment Game: Type the word "SMILE" if you're into ebooks, or type "ROCK ON" if you're into hard copies. If you're into both - be sure to "SMILE" as you "ROCK ON!" Let me know why you chose the one you did!

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     Have a great week - remember to invite your friends and family. JLB Creatives Blog is always "kid safe" - NO profanity, nudity, pornography, vulgarity, etc. will be tolerated!

Your creative genius...


  1. ROCK ON...Hard copies have character. Some may be worn or tattered...some new. Old books may not have the creative artwork on the dust cover, but the pages within breathe history. Plus, you can use your stylish bookmarks, whether Sylvester Puddy Tat, Star Wars, or Hello Kitty. Also, when at the airport, or on the plane, other people can see how sophisticated you are when they can see what you are reading (heh heh).

  2. ROCK ON! Of course, I want my copy personally autographed which cannot be done on ebooks! But actually, I like turning pages and holding the book. But maybe it would be nice to have my library in one place so it would be easier to carry around so some day I could be persuaded to SMILE! I do have some ebooks that I got for free to read on my PC, but I cannot take the desktop puter with me yet unless I get a really long extension cord!

  3. Great comments! This is what this blog is all about...finding out what the readers want. And Mark - you've got a Sylvester bookmark? Man - I want one! :) And Karen - I'll make certain you get your hard copy autographed! ;-) Again guys - thanks for the comments and keep up the fun! ~Janet~

  4. Rock On!!!! I just like being able to hod those books in hand

  5. Hey Cory - thanks for chiming in and Rockin' On with the hard copy books! :)


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