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Author Splash with Pauline Barclay

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But enough about me...let's get to the real deal for this blog post.

It's an Author Splash with Pauline Barclay...enjoy!

Introduction Video for
Author Pauline Barclay

Pauline Barclay

I was born in Yorkshire, UK the eldest of four children, for the first fifteen years of my life I enjoyed the openness of the beautiful moors and rolling countryside with its running rivers and slow canals whilst benefiting from living very close to a city. All this was to change as my parents work meant we had to move to, what was back then a small fishing town on the east coast of the UK, Lowestoft. Lowestoft today is more famous for its beaches and is a quiet holiday destination. It is also the most easterly town in the UK. Lowestoft is in the county of Suffolk and its countryside is amazingly flat! And because of this it is more arable farming than its northern cousin. Little did I realise that this move was to be the beginning of changes to come, though by this time it would be with my husband, Clive.

From as long as I can remember I loved writing. When I was around ten years old, I wrote a song which was sung by the whole class on school open day. I have no idea what the song was about and sadly I have long since lost the words I had written. As the years slipped by I wrote poems, I still have some of these in a small note book.

At the back end of 1985 with my husband Clive, we moved to Surrey, a rich county south of London. It was through working for a large oil company in the area that I quickly found out that what I wanted to do work wise was not going to happen unless I had a university degree. I did not have one! But not one to be daunted or put off by such rules and expectations, I carried on with my full time office job and signed up with the Open University. Six long years later, I had the honour to receive my BA (Hons) degree. It was a strange feeling, because up until I graduated my degree was priceless and once I had it, its value plummeted to me. I guess I had achieved what I had set out to do. But gaining this qualification was the catalyst that was to see my day job turn into a writing job. I was later given the role of writing the companies magazines, press releases and much more. Now with all the hours of studying over, I started to write fiction again, but as my fingers clicked away at the keyboard, change was once again in the air. This time the move was overseas and we headed for a new life in the Netherlands. Holland is a small country steeped in history, afloat with busy working canals and filled with flower bulb fields. We lived for around six years in the historical Dutch town of Leiden. To me it was like a mini Venice with all its canals. I so loved the canals that we bought an apartment that overlooked one.

In Holland, I once again worked for a large company looking after their communications by day and then writing my short stories and novels by night. But it was not until 2005 when we again packed up our belongings and this time headed way down south to the amazing tiny volcanic island, Lanzarote in the Canary’s, that I wrote my first published novel, Magnolia House. This has been followed by two further novels, Satchfield Hall and Sometimes It Happens…

Writing is a strong passion and to this end back at the end of October 2011, I started a new cyber group for Indie Authors called Famous Five Plus. The concept of the group is to bring together authors who take their writing seriously, producing professional publications, so that they can share their experiences and support each other collectively and individually. Famous Five Plus is exciting and dynamic and I update it everyday with posts from members, news about members, highlighting the books and the authors from the group. The group is truly international with members from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Portugal and Macedonia. It is growing both in terms of members and visitors and this is down to the dedication of every member who through, Twitter and other Social media outlets, creates awareness about everything to do with Famous Five Plus to the widest audience. As I write we have three official business Friends who are offering support to Famous Five Plus members. You can see just how exciting Famous Five Plus is by visiting

Away from writing and running the Author group, we love to walk, cycle and rollerblade! We’ve rollerbladed in Boston, USA, completed the Paris Friday skate night, what a thrill that was! Skated around Holland and over the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, completed several marathons and half marathons. And whilst living in the UK we were members of the Redhill Artistic Roller skating club…! And yes, from time to time, we still put on our skates and skate along the long stretch of causeway that runs along the coast between Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife.

So what next? Well moving is not on the cards, not just yet at any rate as we still love living on our pebble in the middle of the ocean with our two beautiful rescue doggies, but I am writing two more novels. Two, because both ideas are in my head and will not let go, so I will see where the characters take me and hopefully it will be an interesting journey and one I will eventually be able to share.

Thank you Janet for inviting me to your fabby Author Splash Blog, it is an honour to be here and to be amongst such fascinating authors.

You can find out more about Pauline, her writing and sample chapters of her books at:
Her Blog:

Or chat with her on
Twitter: @paulinembarclay

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Thanks so much for stopping by this week Pauline. I know I had fun!

Be sure to check out Pauline's links, and maybe even pick up a copy
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  1. Hi Girls,

    Nice Introduction Janet, and lovely post Pauline. Great pics! ;)


    1. Hello Francine, thanks a lot and have a great day!

  2. Thank you for this Janet - I shall certainly be looking into your Hidden Earth series and at Maycly. Congratulations! I just loved reading this about Pauline. Although I am a member of the famous Famous Five Plus group of writers,and in a way feel I know Pauline like a real friend, I see now that I did not know about her life before Lanzarote at all! Now I do, and feel all kinds of connections - I lived in Yorkshire, and have lived in Surrey since 1978, and worked writing company brochures, newsletters and press releases. We have much in common. Where this stops is the rollerblading and skating. Oh-ho no way!! But I admire your sporty spirit Pauline. Oh yes, and we both have two dogs and love writing novels ...

    1. Whow! Almost related. Amazing how much we have in common, I never knew you lived in Yorkshire....small world! Thanks for stopping by. Have a fabby day!

  3. Hello ladies! Thanks so much for stopping by. We certainly appreciate the kind words and shared enthusiasm. Have a stellar day! ~Janet~

  4. It's lovely to learn more about Pauline, such an inspirational woman and a very good friend.

    CJ x

    1. Hi CJ, thanks and you too. Hope you're having a fabby day, because I know it is an important one for you. x

  5. I thought highly of Pauline before this post now I am in complete awe of her!A wonderful woman and a great inspiration to us all.

    1. Hi Carol, whow! I'm blushing and wondering if my head will fit through our patio doors now..... laugh! Thanks for calling.

  6. I loved reading about Pauline she certainly has had an interesting life moving and working in different places. The article made you want to read her books ! Thanks for sharing yourself and the beautiful pictures as well.

    debbie armas

    1. Hi Debbie, thank you so much. I try to make the best of things, I'd rather make a mistake trying than never try! I hope you might find some of my books of interest. By the way, Sometimes It being re-edited and will be back out before the end of the month. My lovely character, Doreen has a strong London accent and I've been advised to give her elocution lessons, hence the re-edit! Have a fabby day!

  7. Great post, Janet, and I agree, Pauline is an amazing person. Like Miriam, I've also discovered something I have in common with Pauline - I too have an Open University degree, and don't ever let anyone tell you it's an easy way to get a degree because it isn't. It's a hard slog.

    1. Hi Chris, you bet it is. I did my Open University whilst having a very full on full time job and everythig else.... ! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  8. Beautiful pics! Loved reading about Pauline's adventures. I agree with Chris she is an amazing person!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm overwhelemed with everyone's kindness. Have a fabby day and thank you for taking the time to stop by.


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