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How Do You Deal with Rejection?

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Hello everyone! So great to see you here.
Regular blog posts are still appearing on Mondays - but with a little bit of a twist. 

Due to the enormous success we have had with Maycly - I need to get busy on the next 5 read right...5 more novels! For this reason, every Monday we're going to head to the archives and the postings will be some of the coolest and most helpful blog posts I made throughout 2011 and early 2012. This will allow me the much time needed to let my creativity run wild and write, and write, and write. ;-)

Not to worry, I'm not abandoning my fans - I'll still be at your fingertips through comments here on the blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and other social media. 

So, without any further ado - welcome to the past!

Original Post Date
7 / 11 / 11
(My husband's and my 30th anniversay!)

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"How Do You Deal with Rejection?"

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     Rejection is a part of life. There are so many people with so many different ideas. Heck, I've even met people who can't stand Harry Potter - gasp, I know - and others who think that Les Miserables is corny - go figure. So, with that said...I've come to the conclusion after 50 years of life you're going to be rejected one way or another. But alas...there's good news.

     What might that be? The fact that you're not alone - no matter your niche`. If you're into fishing - discover and network with fishermen. If you're a dancer - meet and network with other dancers. If you're an author - find and network with other authors. You'll find across the broad span of interests there are people out there waiting to help you if you're a beginner, people who enjoy sharing their passion with others, and people who are looking to find other people with a common ground. 

     Living in the Orlando, FL area we have HUGE conventions taking place all the time. To show you just how diverse passions are...we've worked at, exhibited, and/or spoken at conventions ranging from IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions...a personal favorite for me) and The Nightclub and Bar Show, and to IBIE (International Baking Industry Exposition) and Pharmaceuticals, to Fantasy and Sci-fi, and on to The World of Concrete. This should let you know, somewhere within those diverse topics, there's a good chance of being rejected with your ideas and flavors for life. The best news is, even though some of these groups sound foreign to you, we, my hubby and I, can contest from personal experience - each and every one of  those conventions was packed with people who held the same high levels of passion for their industry.

     So when you really start thinking about it...rejection often times comes down to not meshing with someone else's preconceived ideas. Does this make you a reject? Of course not!!  Like I stated in the video...if when you submit a work of writing and you get rejected, consider it one less rejection you have to weed through on your way to acceptance!

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Pics n' Thoughts

"I said 'I do' then...

 and I still do now!"

That's right folks - today, July 11, 2011 is Don's and my anniversary.
We are celebrating 30 wonderful years of marriage.
(He still likes to introduce me as his "first wife!")
I can't begin to tell you the fun, laughs, tears, ups, downs, and wondrous moments we've had throughout our 36 years together (we dated 6 years before we married). Another thing Don likes to remind me of: we've been together over half our lives! He's such a sweetie and I hope and pray we can make it another 36 together if not even 45!

You guessed it - we'll be celebrating our anniversary with a long weekend kayaking more beautiful rivers in sunny Florida. I only wish we could all be together to throw a big party and celebrate this joyous occasion. All of you will certainly be in our hearts, and we thank you for your continued enthusiasm and encouragement regarding my new career of novel writing.

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     I'm such a cotton candy freak - I mean so much so it holds a real close second to chocolate! But did you ever wonder how cotton candy came about? Who was responsible for the mouth melting treat? When did cotton candy make its debut? Find out the answers to these questions and more from this week's LINK OF THE WEEK.  Oh, and by the way - I only opt for pink, blue, or purple - I never was a yellow, orange, kind of kid...or adult for that matter. ;-)

I by no means endorse this site, get money for click throughs, or any of that stuff. I just like to go searching for fun stuff on the web and share it for others to enjoy.

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     Another fun-filled week of a potpourri of things. From one end of the emotional spectrum to the other we learned how to deal with rejection, celebrated a 30 year anniversary, and explored the history of cotton candy.

     I certainly hope you enjoyed yourself as you read through the blog, as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Again, thanks so much for your shared enthusiasm and continued support. And also a big HOORAY for your hard efforts of helping us get the word out about JLB Creatives.

Catch you next week. Until then...
Stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate...and some cotton candy!
Your writin' picture takin' fool-


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I'm just now checking my mail (yes, it's been one of those days) and saw your gorgeous wedding pic. You two are just as adorable as ever! Wonderful video and blog post.You always have such encouraging words - and I know that when you hurt all the time that doesn't come easy. I'm Tweeting, Facebooking, sharing up a storm. Gonna make those goals by weeks end!
    Have a wonderful Tuesday and don't feed the alligators. (I saw that advice on one of those nature shows.)

  2. Hey DK! Thanks for the "HAPPY" it is much appreciated. Always glad to bring encouragement and a smile. I really appreciate you spreading the word for us. We're still biting our nails waiting on the publisher's response...but patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. ;-) I'll be over to check out your blog later this week, right now things are really stupid here as the well pump for the entire development took a lightning hit and still is not's been 2 days! If the wind is from the east and you smell something's just probably all of us over here! LOL!! And no, we won't feed the gators...PROMISE! Love ya ta bits - thanks again for your shared enthusiasm and support!!!! <3 (((hugs))) and chocolate


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