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Meet Author Jessica O'Gorek

Hello fans and followers! Hope your spring time is keeping you smiling. Thought I'd share just a couple of quick pix of our flowers here in Florida:


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Getting on with the show. . .this week we are thrilled to have an Excerpt Extravaganza provided by author Jessica O'Gorek from the Gemini Rising Series.  

Gemini Rising Series Book I- Ethereal Fury

Mother Earth, wounded by the human race and its disregard for her resources, will
recruit human souls to serve Her and turn against humanity. A rising force festers;
Gemini, a clan of paranormal beings will systematically possess and destroy towns,
cities, and states. Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between Onyx, a lead     
Gemini, and Violette, a human, begins. They will both find themselves in the middle of a
revolutionary war that will either save, or destroy our world.


So here he was, a few feet away from the same tree where he had gotten

distracted the other day. He hovered beside it this time, instead of at the top, trying to

pinpoint where the voices were coming from.

He saw a young man with black hair standing with his arms crossed and a distant

expression on his face. He would nod occasionally at a young girl sitting on a bench in a

yellow nightgown. How sweet, he thought bitterly. Young lovers on an evening stroll.

This was a good situation because people were easier to take over when they were

preoccupied. He could tell by the low tones these two were deep in conversation. He

settled in next to some thick branches laden with young magnolia buds. It was a shame

he couldn't smell them; he had heard they were lovely. It was a shame they wouldn't

smell them much longer.

He felt the thrill of the hunt roiling within him, looking for a way up and out.

Similar to a burning sensation, it made him drunk with the heavy desire to take. When

at its peak, it would rule him, control his thoughts and actions. Nothing had ever

stopped him once past the brink of his cravings. Once he tasted a soul he liked, there

was nothing to do but dive in and absorb its essence, taking over the body the way a

captain steers a ship.

The transformation from rational thinking to animal instinct always amazed

him. It never got boring or old, and no two souls were the same. Some fought harder

than others; older people were more difficult to tame. Sometimes children were so

fascinated by him that they would just stare, stupefied by his presence, which made for

an easy kill. Children didn't have any premonitions of possession. They tended to focus

on identifying what was in front of them, instead of fearing it. They never knew what hit

them, never had a chance to worry, or pray, or say goodbye to their parents. He became

their goodbye.

He pondered this in preparation for taking these two. As he sank down closer to

them, the humming in his fingertips began to pulse. He could now see the back of the

girl. Her long, dark wavy hair hung almost to her waist, and the frilly nightgown covered

her from neck to toe. The pulsing was turning into a throbbing. Quickly, he darted

around the pair to get a better look at the girl in her little yellow gown. She was small

and fragile, no more than 16, his best guess. She was pretty too.

Closer and closer he levitated, until he was within sensing range, close enough

that they would feel the heat emanating from him. He rolled over in the air to look at the

other side of the girl's face. Something about her seemed familiar. He halted his assault,

the delay putting a damper on his zeal. Was there something wrong with him?

He pulled away a few feet to work himself up for the dive again. He started his

descent, determined this time. To strike was easy; to subdue and tame the spirit could

sometimes take a while. Once in the boy, he would have to reassure the girl that her

friend was okay. All they ever needed was a little pat or a smile; they were so simple and

insecure. Sheep, he though bitterly.

Instead of trying to remember how he knew her or to analyze the effect she was

having on him, he grew enraged and swirled a little, working up his confidence. When

he looked down to aim himself, his prey were running, both of them, to the church door.

The boy was literally dragging the girl as she struggled to keep up. He followed close

behind them, telling himself he could catch up, he could do this.

Suddenly, they both stopped, the boy’s face a display of fear and panic. He had

alarmed them somehow. Had he gotten sloppy when he started to lose his temper or

moved in too fast for the last attempt? It was the boy who had sensed him, the boy who

looked terrified and confused. He flew up about 30 or 40 feet high and started his dive-

bomb, a practical and powerful feat that never failed him.

At the last moment, right when he could almost taste them, they started running

again, and it was either tackle or lose. They were within arm’s reach when he came to a

screeching halt as a glass door shut in his face. If it wasn’t a sacred place he could just

walk right through it and continue his assault. But this was holy ground and he was very

much uninvited.

Why had he stopped? He knew it was the girl, he just didn't know why. It was as

if she had thrown up an invisible shield around the two of them, a shield that protected

both of them. But that was crazy! Never had a human defied him so effortlessly! She

wasn't even trying, didn’t even know he existed, but she has crippled his efforts.

He felt the need to growl, so he did. Not very loudly, but it made him feel better.

He wanted to know more about this girl and where her strength came from. He watched

carefully as they conversed. She stood, leaning on the glass door, a bewildered glint in

her eyes. She looked… lost. Why did he care? He’d failed this mission because of her.

Why was he still here thinking about her? He should be on his way back to the caves to

report his losses to Tork and The Mother. 

There you have it folks! Wasn't that a fabulous excerpt? I know it makes me want to read the series for sure!

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