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Meet Author Beth Frandsen

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Author Beth Frandsen

Beth has selected our Excerpt Extravaganza feature. 
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Great to be here Janet. Thanks so much for having me. You'll find below a synopsis and an excerpt from my book, Seasons of Change...enjoy!
Seasons of Change
What would you do if you found yourself in a small town in the middle of nowhere with no memory of who you are, just your first name? Who would you turn to for help? How would you find the answers to uncover who you are? This has happened to Peter. He finds himself in the small town of Miles, Iowa. He has a few dollars in his pocket and the feeling that he's been in that town before, but no recollection of who he is. Memories of his life start to surface. But he can’t believe he could’ve done the things he’s remembering. Was there something missing from his life that let him do those things? Had God forsaken him or did he abandon God? Seasons of Change is a journey of rediscovery. A spiritual journey author Beth Frandsen has been on herself. What discoveries will you make? What will be your Seasons of Change?

Peter woke suddenly from the nightmare. He couldn’t be sure what woke him, a noise maybe, or perhaps it was the dream itself. Disoriented, he looked around as he tried to get his bearings, and clear his mind. He was on a bus.
            How’d I get here? He wondered. Maybe he just needed a minute to remember. He was still groggy. The bus was practically empty. The few people he could see were scattered about the seats. He felt someone watching him. He turned and saw a young man sitting there. They locked eyes for a second. The Young Man smiled. Peter turned back to the front. An older lady, in the seat across from him, caught his eye as he shifted in his seat. Her graying hair was drawn back into a tight bun on the back of her head. The wrinkles lining her milky white face deepened as she smiled at him. There was kindness and understanding in her pale blue eyes. She looked frail, as if she would crumble if she were touched. But beneath that frail exterior, Peter sensed a very strong woman. As he stared at her, a faint memory flashed in his mind. He reached out to grab at the memory, but it disappeared. His mind was a jumble. He smiled weakly at her then gazed out the window.
            It was dark out. The moon was hung high in the sky surrounded by brilliant stars. Despite the brightness of the moon and stars, he couldn’t see much; just corn fields lining the highway and the occasional farm house off in the distance. He tried to focus on remembering anything about himself, but the more he tried to focus on it, the further away the memories seemed to get. All he could remember was his first name.
            The seconds ticked by and soon became minutes. He still couldn’t remember how he had gotten on the bus. His heart started to beat faster as he tried to recall. He was getting anxious. Why can’t I remember? What’s happening to me?     
            He noticed the older woman looking at him, again. A look of concern was apparent in her eyes. Did she know something?
            He became more anxious as he searched his memory for any sign of who he was. Just his name - Peter. He stood suddenly and quickly paced the aisle. Why couldn’t he remember anything? What was happening?
            “Sir, you need to sit down,” the bus driver said.
            Peter didn’t hear him. He didn’t notice the driver staring in the rearview mirror, making sure he didn’t do anything rash. He didn’t notice the few people nervously watching him as he paced.
            “Are you all right?” the older woman asked.
            Peter didn’t hear the question. He just kept pacing up and down trying to remember. He turned again and headed toward the back of the bus. Still sitting in the last row was the Young Man. For some reason, calmness settled over Peter as he approached him. Peter sat waiting for the Young Man to say something, anything to him.   
            “Do you know me?” Peter finally asked him.
            The Young Man nodded.
            “Who am I?” Peter asked.
            The Young Man just smiled.
            “Please, who am I?” Peter begged. “We have met before, haven’t we?”
            Again, the Young Man didn’t respond, then before Peter knew it, the Young Man disappeared.
            “What the -?” Peter was speechless. He waved his hand in the spot where the Young Man had been moments earlier. Had the Young Man even been there? Were his eyes playing tricks on him?
            There had to be some explanation as to what was going on. He forced himself to think rationally. In the midst of his panic, Peter had neglected to look for any identification, something to help jog his memory. Going back to his seat, Peter looked around on the floor, searching for anything he might have brought on with him.
            He looked in the racks above for a suitcase or bag. When he again found nothing, he searched his pockets for a wallet or even just a piece of paper. Nothing but a few dollars.


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