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Meet Author Lauren Algeo

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And now we proudly present our featured author of the week. . .

Lauren Algeo

So you thought you’d be a writer – how’s that workin’ out for ya?

Great so far! I currently have two e-books out and am writing a third. I work full-time and write on my commute to and from work and at weekends but one day I’d love to write full-time.

The phone just rang – it’s a movie deal for your book! Holy cow – they’ve left it up to you as to where you want them to film on location, and who will play the starring role…we can’t stand the suspense. Where and who is it?

I’d love for Hikers – Part One: Power to made into a movie! It’s set in the UK, largely in London, so I’d like to keep it authentic. The main character, Scott Brewer, would be played by someone like Richard Armitage (John Porter in Strike Back). He’d be perfect!

What book or books are you currently working on? Can we expect a new release soon?

I’m currently writing the second part of my Hikers Trilogy, Hikers – Part Two: Passion, and it will be out later on this year. Check out my Facebook page for the latest updates.

Time for dinner! No, no, no, we’re not cooking – we’re going out. So…where’s your favorite place to throw down some good food with friends and family? And even more so, what do you recommend from the menu?

I love seafood! There’s a great restaurant near me that does amazing scallops so I’d have to have those, maybe some prawns as a starter too!

What kind of animals, birds, or fish do you like best? Do you have any pets - how many do you have – and what are their names?

My favourite animals are wolves, largely due to White Fang being my favourite book as a child. I now have a German Shepherd, Kip, who I guess looks a little like a wolf!

Creativity. Where does yours come from? This is something writers are asked about much of the time.  Would you be so kind as to elaborate on where you get your ideas and what sparks your creativity?

I get ideas from everywhere! I’ll be walking along the road and have a sudden ‘what if…?’ moment that sparks a story. The idea for the Hikers Trilogy, for example, came one day when I was thinking about the notion of voices in your head. I wondered what would happen if that voice was real, then who would it belong to, and the idea evolved from there.

What are your favorite genres of books to read, and what are your favorite genres of books to write?

I’m a big fan of horror and crime thrillers, as well as sci-fi and fantasy elements. Anything by Stephen King, Lee Child or Jo Nesbo.  They’re also my favourite genres to write.

Do you create and design your own book covers?

Yes. I currently work as a graphic designer so have the tools to create my own covers. I start to have ideas when I’m editing my novels and it’s a great way to finish the self-publishing process.

If you could spend a day with an author, who would it be? And of course we’ve got to know why.

Stephen King. He’s one of my favourite authors and I’d love to know where he gets his ideas from and his writing process.

Where can we find your book(s)?

Currently as e-books on Amazon but they will be coming to Smashwords soon and will also be available as paperbacks shortly.


We certainly hope you enjoyed meeting author Lauren Algeo. Be sure to check out her links and best of all - buy her books! 

Until next week - stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate for me.

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