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Meet Author Lorrie Farrelly

Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by. What a week and a half this has been. We started Sept 26 with a Business After Hours at Lakeside Inn, then headed to St. Augustine to exhibit at the Florida Heritage Book Festival. And to top it off - we ended the whirlwind of the week with BOOKTOBERFEST! All events were a tremendous success and we're now looking forward to Authors in the Park Christmas Spectacular.

Other news: JLB Creatives Fairy Tales & Jewelry has made it not only onto Etsy at but we are also at Lakeside Inn's The Gatehouse Gift Shop and Long & Scott's Farm Gift Shop. Now you can shop for these hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry online and in person if you're ever in the Mount Dora, Florida area.

This week's feature brings us the very talented and delightful Lorrie Farrelly. Lorrie brings us an excerpt from her latest novel. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy this treat from. . .

 Author Lorrie Farrelly

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TERMS OF SURRENDER, by Lorrie Farrelly

The War Between the States not only destroyed all Michael Cantrell loved, it left the young, former Confederate cavalry officer without faith or hope, a solitary, haunted man trying to escape his demons in the vast western frontier. Then, one spring day along the Wind River, he finds himself suddenly in the thick of another life-and-death struggle – Annie Devlin’s war.

Desperate to hang on to her ranch and her life, waylaid by gunmen hired by a powerful rancher who covets her land, Annie and her young brother, Robbie, fight a furious, rapidly losing battle for their lives.

When all seems lost, into the fray steps a cold-eyed, steel-nerved stranger – Michael Cantrell – who saves Annie and Robbie, but is himself grievously wounded.

With Annie’s care, Michael recovers not only his strength but a portion of his embittered soul as well. Fighting his powerful feelings for her, convinced he has nothing to give, Michael determines to stay with the Devlins only long enough to ensure their safety against the treachery that would destroy them.

Reluctantly, Michael, who for years has known only loss, allies himself with a stubborn, courageous young woman who will take his heart by storm and test the limit of his honor, his mettle – and his passion.

A finalist for the prestigious Orange Rose Award, TERMS OF SURRENDER takes the reader on a stirring adventure that is also a heartfelt, emotional journey.

Excerpt from TERMS OF SURRENDER, by Lorrie Farrelly

Copyright by Lorrie Farrelly

The wounded man's grip was like iron. Annie couldn't imagine where his strength was coming from. She could feel his whole body trembling against her, and the bandages wrapped around his shoulder and chest were soaked with sweat and fresh blood.

"No!" he cried, glaring at her with wide, wild eyes, feral and ferocious in the candlelight. "You can't ... have him! I won’t … let him … die again! No! Gavin!"

"Captain Cantrell! Michael!"

Unable to wrench his hands from their grip on her small brother, Annie shifted and took Michael's face in her hands, her fingers spread along both sides of his hard, sweat-slick jaw. Turning his head, she forced him to look into her eyes.

"Michael!" she commanded. "Listen! You must let go! He's not Gavin!"

A flicker of confused uncertainty came into the man's eyes, and the huge, black, dilated pupils seemed to constrict slightly, giving Annie a glimpse of deep blue irises.

"Yes, that's right, that's right. Good. Now listen to me, listen to me." Her words, and the gentle stroking of her fingers, became fluid, hypnotic.

And finally, Michael listened. He could feel the warmth of her breath on his cheek, and for a single, brief moment all pain disappeared, replaced abruptly by a great hitch in his chest. He was dead certain his heart had stopped.

"Are you an angel?" he whispered. 


Be sure to check out Lorrie's books on Amazon.

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