Monday, April 14, 2014

Welcome fans and fellow lovers of literacy and the arts. This week we are putting up the sign, Writers Wanted...who would like to be featured on the JLB Creatives Blog. So be sure and share this post with your writing friends too.

We are seeking qualified, featured authors to appear on our blog. We need to fill up the 2014 calendar with authors who are worthy of discovery! AND you don't have to be published by JLB Creatives Publishing to be featured - how cool is that? We believe there are so many awesome authors out there who deserve as much exposure as they can get, and we love to help by sharing the news about them on our blog. If you're interested please follow the instructions in the top box above this main post titled, "Be Featured On The JLB Creatives Blog!"

Here's how our features work. We put out the new posts of the featured authors on Mondays. Your post remains live until it drops off the main page (this page). Once it drops out of the timeline it goes to the archives. This means your post is always available on the #JLBCP blog. 

We offer a TON of ways you can be featured. Everything from author interviews to excerpt extravaganzas, to author splashes and beyond! These different Post Styles are listed in detail on our Blog Submission Guidelines. You may request the SGs by following the instructions listed in the top box above this main time line of posts.

We are open to many genres, though we do not promote anything we find obscene or slanderous. This too is also explained in more detail on the SGs. 

If you'd like to see the authors we have featured throughout the years scroll down and check out the right side bar for the archives (somewhere about a third of the way down).

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you on our schedule, as well as your author friends. 

Until then, stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate for us!

Your blog host,
Author Janet Beasley

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