Thursday, May 1, 2014

JLB Creatives Publishing Goes Global

JLB Creatives Publishing has some big news. We have signed contracts that will take our authors’ books around the world.

We are a publishing house, now partnered with global distributors behind us, who will take JLB Creatives Publishing books into book stores both online and brick and mortar shops world wide. We are so excited to bring you this news.

For our present and future authors this means a greater audience, a greater chance for their books to be seen and loved. We now have opportunities to place books in Europe, Asia, Australia and more. We also have channels in the process who are working to help our authors' books get into those countries whose markets are difficult to break into such as China, Korea and others in the future.

What a thrill to introduce JLBCP authors’ books to readers around the world through this new venture. No, not a venture an adventure. Growth and success for JLB Creatives Publishing and our authors along the way.

Don’t worry, we are still the same friendly, open company we have always been and will be. We strive to accept and publish the best stories for our bookshelves. Our authors will continue to get the same care and communication to help them bring the best quality book we can to readers.

You will still be able to find JLBCP books on Amazon and the bookshop on our website, but, there may be a few days where a title might become unavailable or disappear from the networks they are presently listed under. This is only a temporary bump in the road as our books make the transition into this new adventure.

We’ll keep you posted as to when titles are re-released onto the new network. So get ready for some release parties and bookish fun to celebrate this voyage of books around the world as JLB Creatives Publishing brings light to the literary world. 

***Submissions are OPEN. If you have a book that you think would wow us head over to Submission Guidelines Read through and if you think your book will be a good fit fill out the submission form. 

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