Saturday, June 7, 2014

#ww2weekend: World War 2 ~ A Story to Tell

JLB Creatives Publishing is proud to introduce historical fiction author J.D. Karns to the list of our prestigious authors. There are many wonderful features about this author. The top two we find most intriguing are that J.D. started a writing career at the young age of 82 ~ this just goes to show us, you're never to old to start something new. The other would be that J.D. has studied WW II, and is bringing to life one specific navy sailor's story...a story that was written while sailing on the USS Melvin R. Nawman DE-416.

Coming soon ~ "28 Months of Heaven and Hell"

J.D. Karns's true to life / historical fiction novel is based on the journal kept by Carl Lee Young who served in the navy on the DE 416 USS Melvin R. Nawman. Karns has taken Mr. Young's journal entries and brilliantly woven them with fiction creating an entertaining, breath taking, and highly factual account of WWII from this sailor's point of view. You will experience everything from the great typhoon of '44 to Iwo Jima to Okinawa to the atom bomb and on to the signing of the peace treaty. It is an emotional roller coaster of a ride between the real life action of the war and the family back home who is waiting and wondering. The realism of not only the war, but also the era, has been captured with expertise.

Carl's younger brother, Charles, has longed to hear his big brother's WWII story. Carl promised his little brother when he returned from the war, that some day he would tell him all about it. That day came recently when Charles began receiving journal entries from his big brother. The emails totaled 168 entries. Both Carl and his younger brother Charles are excited to have the story being turned into a historic novel.

Both brothers are still living, and hope to be able to hold a published copy of Carl's story in their hands before they are called home to heaven. Carl resides in Arizona, and Charles resides in Florida. Both are still happily married, and enjoy keeping each other informed of life's happenings through letters and phone calls.

Look for "28 Days of Heaven and Hell" to release in 2014.

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