Monday, August 18, 2014

JLB Creatives Publishing joins the Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association

The Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association UPPAA was founded by Sue Robishaw in 1998. The purpose of the organization is to network, support, and exchange ideas among the Upper Peninsula area publishers and authors. Also to promote the books and written works of UPPAA members.

Since UPPAA’s first conference in June 1998, the organization has grown to over 70 members. McNaughton-Gunn, the leading book printer in the mid-west is a corporate sponsor for the UPPAA. Putting JLB Creatives Publishing in good company as a fellow member.

The group meets twice a year for a spring and fall conference with workshops geared toward aspects of writing and the publishing industry. On September 20, 2014 UPPAA is adding their first annual book festival to the calendar.

The event is sponsored by Creative Endeavors and is open for UP area authors and publishers to register for participation. JLB Creatives Publishing Michigan team member Connie Thompson will be representing the company at the Creative Endeavors’ First Annual EUP Book Fest.

Connie is the head of the JLB Creatives Publishing Design Department. She is responsible for all of the cover design, formatting, and interior design of JLBCP books. Connie is also a published author and will be selling and signing her book at the event as well.

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