Monday, October 6, 2014

Coming 2014: The Untold Legend: The Warrior Queen

Keep an eye out for this title coming soon in 2014 from JLB Creatives Publishing.

About The Untold Legend: The Warrior Queen
Voda of Monarch never once believed she would end up as a queen. Now she must choose a husband, but she cannot because her heart belongs to Keldrick, the king of the faraway land of Ameri. A marriage between these two would be unsuitable, almost impossible.

Voda is thrown into a dangerous situation and is rescued by her heart’s desire. But their forbidden passion for each other must be denied. Keldrick promises only one night of passion, then he separates himself from temptation. Voda, being a warrior, faces many battles that only bring her closer to her beloved Keldrick.

How dangerous could a marriage between these two desperate souls be? The two struggle through cruelties and war only to discover that, in the end, love conquers all in this untold legend.

About author Amy I. Long
 Amy I. Long was raised in Sanford, Florida. She is working toward a bachelor's degree in molecular
biology and hopes to apply that knowledge to the field of disease control. She loves watching sci-fi movies, reading historical romance novels, studying history, medical botany, and astronomy.

Inspiration for warrior queen
The inspiration for this book was Boadicea (Boudica or Boudicca), a queen of a Celtic tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. "I especially like strong, outspoken women of earlier days, but little known in modern times. Perhaps that is what sparked my enthusiasm to write about my own queen.”


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