Monday, October 20, 2014

Five Stars for Can Angels Do Loop Dee Loops?

Another 5 star review for Miss Amy's Rhyme Time Collection by the multi-talented Amy Sellers.

Book three in Miss Amy’s Rhyme Time Collection, Can Angels Do Loop Dee Loops? will put a smile in your heart as well as on your face. Amy Sellers both writes and illustrates this collection of children’s poems that reach a little bit deeper than most. Not only do Amy’s rhymes ask the question about angels, but they also take young readers into the numerous possibilities that exist in the animal kingdom and other parts of God’s creation. In addition to these explorations, Amy explores prayer and finding comfort and strength through very simple words. All of Amy’s poems can also be put to music, giving the reader three different dimensions to enjoy.

Can Angels Do Loop Dee Loops? is beautifully illustrated in bright, vibrant colors that brighten anyone’s day. Amy Sellers is not only brilliant as an illustrator, but the simple, yet profound words of her poems are a great way for a young reader to begin to see God as a powerful, yet loving being. With the full spectrum of colors, rhyming and music, Amy and her gang have made this and the other books of her series impossible to stay away from. I must say that I was completely fascinated by her art work and felt that it would stand alone and make the same poetic statements. Yet the simple verses added just enough to tease a young reader’s imagination. Brilliant, colorful and simple, Can Angels Do Loop Dee Loops? is an essential addition to any child’s library, no matter what age they are.

About Can Angels Do Loop Dee Loops? 
Can Angels Do Loop Dee Loops? is book three in the "Miss Amy's Rhyme Time" collection and is full of whimsical original rhymes and art by the multi-talented Amy Sellers. This book will delight the entire family; it's one you'll love to read again and again with kids and grandkids. 

There are four books in "Miss Amy's Rhyme Time" collection. Book one: Snorts, Paws, Tails & Claws! Book two: Cats & Mice, Twice as Nice! Book three: Can Angels Do Loop Dee Loops? Book four: Whooo's Coming to Dinner? These books are bright and colorful. The print is large and easy to read for early readers and adults who require larger print. 

In addition to the books, the rhyming stories from each book have been put to music and recorded on CDs. All songs are composed and performed by Amy's son, Asa Sellers. They are available for sale in Amy Sellers' Art Gallery or through her website

Where you can buy Can Angels Do Loop Dee Loops?  
Barnes & Noble
And other favorite retailers near you. If this book isn't on the shelf ask for it by name or author at the counter.

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About Amy Sellers
Amy has been inspired to create art her entire life. She graduated from the University of South Florida in
1987 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. In 2002 Amy became interested in creating children's books. She was inspired to help her son and many other children diagnosed with Autism. In October 2011 she opened her first retail art gallery, Amy Sellers Art Gallery in Mount Dora, Florida.

She can still be found in her gallery creating realistic, impressionistic, or whimsical art for all to see. The Amy Sellers Art Gallery is located in The Renaissance Building at 411 N. Donnelly Street, Mount Dora, Florida.

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