Monday, November 10, 2014

Surviving NaNoWriMo

Participants are heading into the second week of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) with novels
going full steam ahead. This second week a few who are in those early stages are still chugging strong. Those of us who are nearing that middle land of our novels are heading into rougher seas.

This is the part where the novel gets into the meat of the story and more twists and turns create conflict for our heroes and heroines to overcome. It even though we’re going full steam yet the story feels like it’s slowing and maybe even heading for a stall… Don’t worry it’s not going to slow down or stall out. You’re just starting to feel that first ping of, “What was I thinking signing up to write 50,000 words in only 30 days!” Or maybe, “My word count is so far behind I’ll never catch up!”

Don’t despair, you will survive, your novel will survive and you will make it to the finish line! Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Getting wordy
Feel like your word count isn’t where it should be? Not a problem, start describing your scenes with all five of your senses, even if you edit part of it out later. You’ll be surprised how much your senses pick up in a room when you really think about it.

Kill someone off, seriously bump off a character or a new murder victim. Death is wordy. There is the death itself, discovery of the body, examination /investigation, informing loved ones, the funeral…. You can get a few pages out of a good killing.

Bag the lag
Feel like your just getting bogged down by your novel? Too many words too much deadline? You’re starting to feel that noveling lag. You’ve been going at it hot and heavy for a week now. It’s okay to shake it up and shake off that lag. (Anyone hear Taylor Swift singing there?)

Change your view and you’ll be surprised how even changing rooms can make you feel a bit refreshed. Getting out of the house and heading to the coffee shop or library is even better! My personal favorite is a local museum you’re surrounded by history and art. Talk about a fount of inspiration right at your finger tips!

Even changing your method for a few pages can help pick up pen and paper and go analog for a while.

Reward yourself
This is a big thing in NaNoWorld. Everyone jokes about their novel rewards. Seriously though, it really is important. Set goals daily, a word count, or page number. But not large goals make them small enough to do in a day or three max. Now, when you reach that goal give yourself a reward. Get your favorite latte, download a song you like, a hand full of candy kisses or maybe even a trip to the movies. Earning that reward no matter how small or large it is can give your self-conscious a boost and prove you can survive this.

I’m with ya Wrimos! Writing away and getting wordy with all these survival tips. My reward for reaching tonight’s word count goal is watching one of my favorite Russell Crowe movies Cinderella Man, with a cup of dark chocolate cocoa. What’s your goals and rewards?

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