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Sydney Finds a Job available in both English and Spanish!

About Sydney Finds a Job
Follow Sydney as she tries to find a job that's right for her. Through humor, she tries several different jobs that just don't work out, but she finally finds one she loves--helping children read.

Acerca Sydney Encuentra un Trabajo
Siga a Sydney para encontrar un trabajo que es mejor para ella. A través del humor ella trata varios trabajos que no sirven para ella. Pero al final ella encuentra un trabajo que ella adora-ayudando a los niños leer.

Sydney Finds a Job has received 5 star reviews from both readers and prestigious Readers' Favorite reviewer, Michelle Stanley. 

Readers' Favorite Review
Sydney Finds a Job is written by Shari Todd and Thom Battisto. Sydney is an Australian Shepherd who lives with Tom. Their home has a nice back yard with flowers. But Sydney becomes bored and wants more things to occupy her time. This dog breed is accustomed to doing lots of outdoor activities. Their main job is to
help ranchers and farmers round up cattle, so they are often referred to as cattle dogs. Sydney decides to help Tom by fetching the morning paper. But that doesn’t go well and she gets it wet with her slobber. Next, she helps Tom water the flowers by swishing the hose around, but waters his shoes instead! Tom tells her that she will soon find a job she can do well. Sydney sees a little girl named Sarah crying. Sarah tells her that she doesn’t know how to read her new book. Sydney decides to help her friend, but will she make a mess of this new job too?

Sydney Finds a Job is a cute little book that will make story time fun for small kids. Shari Todd and Thom Battisto introduce educational facts about this dog breed in a creative setting, so kids will learn about them while being amused by the story. The photos of the real Sydney are adorable. She lives with Thom Battisto and has a job visiting nursing homes, schools and libraries where kids can read to her. Sydney and Thom were praised for their work by First Lady Laura Bush.

About the Authors 
Thom Battisto was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in the Chicago suburbs. He is now a Florida resident and is a passionate advocate of animal rights. He has adopted several shelter dogs and has volunteered at a local shelter. Wanting to do even more, Thom and other supporters started the nonprofit organization called "Read to Sydney."

Shari Shaw Todd grew up in a small town that gave seed to big dreams of being an author. Co-writing this book with Mr. Battisto has helped her make two dreams come true: now she gets to be involved with kids and animals.

Where to buy Sydney Finds a Job 

Where to buy Sydney Encuentra un Trabajo 

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