Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Prompt: Personification

Personification means to give an inanimate object human traits. Such as feelings, thoughts, or possibly other
traits that you might imagine. Let's play with that idea for this prompt.

Personify one of these objects:

A doll or stuffed toy wrapped under the tree. 

An angel tree topper. 

An old Nutcraker. 

A reindeer lawn decoration.

An abandoned or empty house surrounded by occupied decorated ones. 

An item in a store that wants to be a holiday present. 

The chair Santa Claus sits in. 

A holiday card. 

A holiday story book. 

A church bell. 

Minimum word count of 500 words, any genre. Put on your elf hat and let your holiday spirit guide your muse. Happy Scribbles!

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