Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How Many Words Is That?

As a publishing company we are often times asked how many words are that? We have a small chart you may find helpful to keep handy for future use. 

Keep in mind, that lengths do slightly vary in opinion across the board. JLB Creatives Publishing uses the lengths below when they are deciding as to which category your submission should be labeled. JLB Creatives Publishing does not accept shorter works as stand-alone pieces to be published, though they do welcome compilations of such to be considered for publication.

LENGTH OF WORKS from JLB Creatives Publishing

 Micro fiction 1-100 words
Flash fiction 101-1000 words
Essay (nonfiction) 500-700 words
Short Story 1001-7500 words

Children’s Picture Book up to 40 pages (with accompanying illustrations)
Children’s Chapter Book 6000-10,000 words
Middle Grade (MG) Novel         30,000-45,000 words 
Young Adult (YA) Novel 55,000-70,000 words

Novelette 7501-20,000 words
Novella 20,001-50,000 words

Adult Novel 50,001-110,000 words

Epic, Series 110,000+ words

JLB Creatives Publishing submissions are currently open, specifically for Irish themed stories that fall under the genres of fantasy ~ romance ~ paranormal ~ and historical fiction, to be considered for publication. Please click JLB Creatives Publishing to visit and begin your submission process. 

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JLB Creatives Blog Hosts
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