Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday Prompt: Objects around the house

This week's prompt is all about impromptu thinking or musing. We all have some kind of collection or interesting things around our house. We're going to find three things to include in a flash fiction of at least 800 words. You can write in any genre you wish.

Where do you find these story objects you ask? Do you keep a curio cabinet or nik-naks on your bookshelves? My personal favorite is the junk drawer. There are a ton of treasures in there to toss into a story.

Once you have where your objects are coming from, don't think about it just reach out and pick three random things. If you need to time yourself with say five seconds to pick out items. That shuts off the thinker so you can just grab. :)

Now sit back at your desk with your muse's treasures and look them over. You can turn your thinker back on again here and examine your objects and see if they have a story to tell on their own or where you can add them into a dark mystery or would  an elf keep that in his pouch?

Have fun and stretch your imagination as you  charge your muse with the cool stuff you walk by every day. Oh and don't forget to visit us at for a great read or to submit your manuscript :)

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