Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Prompt: Fantasy

Fantasy can be many things to many people. It can be high fantasy filled with mages, elves, dwarves and dragons, or, it can be a sexy vampire or were-tiger. The fantasy genre has many branches and subgenres to choose from.

Today we're going to pick one of those from the list below that you have NEVER written before. Write a 1,000 word count minimum story in the subgenre of your choosing. Explore a fantastic new world and genre at the same time!

List of subgenres to choose from
Allegorical Fantasy
High fantasy where anything or everything is allegorical of themes or things in the real world.
Anthropomorphic Fantasy
Animals acting like humans, humans may or may not be present. Like Planet of the Apes

Bangsia Fantasy
Taking place partly or entirely during the afterlife
Comedic FantasyHumorous tale or a parody
Contemporary/Urban Fantasy
Taking place in a modern, usually urban, setting on Earth. Everyday life with a bit of high fantasy mixed in. 
Court Intrigue
Takes place in a royal court  and deals with the political developments of a world. 
High/Epic Fantasy
Fantasy taking place in a world completely created and detached from Earth as we know.
Legend Retelling
Some legends have become known not for their original stories, but for their constant retellings and revisions. Like King Arthur or Robin Hood. 
Low Fantasy
Takes place on Earth, in a world otherwise possible, except for the characteristic fantasy elements. 
Magic Realism
A setting where magic is part of the culture and everyday life.
The main plot is a quest.  The hero must journey  in search of something that will destroy the villain or prevent impending doom. 
Romantic Fantasy
Containing a plot or subplot of romantic entanglements and love.  
Traditional StoriesMyths, legends, fables, fairy and folk tales.  
WuxiaMartial art adventures where the hero is often capable of super-human feats supposedly learned through the martial art. Like Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger. 
Good luck and have fun creating your fantasy worlds! Don't forget to visit for fantasy books for all ages! 

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