Thursday, May 14, 2015

IT's HERE! Journey to Publication Writing Curriculum Has Been Officially Released!

IT's HERE! JLB Creatives Publishing's next BIG thing. 

An original writing curriculum that has pioneered a new horizon.

Journey to Publication writing curriculum offers participating writing enthusiasts the opportunity of being selected for publication at the end of the course - and best of all if you're selected for publication there is no additional charge, 
and your work will be made FREE to the public through 
JLB Creatives Publishing's specially selected 
network of online eBook providers!

Today marks the official release date of our next BIG thing...a two edition, comprehensive writing curriculum for aspiring authors ages 12-112!  Journey to Publication™ goes above and beyond any other writing curriculum.

Journey to Publication™  is the most well rounded, comprehensive writing curriculum now available.  Any passionate writer who is serious about learning not only the craft of writing, but also diving head first into the publishing industry, and what to expect as an author before - during - and after they have written their story will find that both our NOVICE and ADVANCED editions present a wealth of information (100+ combined years of experience in the industry) to prepare you for your writing hobby or career.

Journey to Publication™  is perfect for home schooling groups, library activities, extra curricular activities, writing clubs, community organizations, children's hospitals, and much more.

ACT NOW and get in on the pre-order special package that includes FREE shipping and handling in the US!

Visit: to discover this ground breaking learning tool that is suitable for individuals or groups.

Created and authored by 
JLB Creatives Publishing's top team

We are excited to bring aspiring authors something worthwhile. Visit our website to read testimonials, check out our accolades, get acquainted with the curriculum, and so much more! Be sure to share the grand news with your friends and family.
  • NOVICE: 510 pages
  • ADVANCED: 658 pages
  • 3 Ring Binders
  • Proven Effective
  • Enhancement DVD
  • Interactive
  • Comprehensive
  • Writing Techniques
  • Multiple Genres
  • Literary Terminology (400+ definitions)
  • Industry Information
  • The Printing World
  • Social Media and Platforms
  • Graduation Party Planning
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Publication
  • Printable Handouts
  • Overseer Checklist
  • Testimonials
  • Easy to Follow
  • Flexible
  • Journey to Publication Facebook page
  • Journey to Publication Facebook group
  • Selected enthusiasts considered for publication by JLB Creatives Publishing

We also want to invite you to the Young Writers Workshop Soiree taking place tonight at 7:00 pm EST on Facebook. Please stop by the online event and post a comment congratulating these outstanding authors. We will also be debuting Journey to Publication at the event. To join us and leave your comment online please visit YWW Facebook Event Click Here

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