Monday, August 3, 2015

How to submit your novel to JLB Creatives Publishing

JLB Creatives Publishing is open for submissions of most genres and we want to see your book!

JLB Creatives publishes many genres for all ages of readers as long as the work fits our guidelines. true life stories, historical fiction, creative fiction, westerns, non-fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, science "faction," fairy tales, steampunk, chapter books, and fully illustrated/full color children's books give you an idea of a few of our interests. 
We DO NOT accept or consider any work that is obscene or slanderous.We encourage aspiring authors ranging in age from 8 - 108. A submitting author may be of any age, but authors submitting who are under 18 require a parent's or legal guardian's signature.

A Literary Agent is not required for submission.

Work does not need to be copyrighted. JLB creatives understands you hold the rights to your work. 

​JLB Creatives will assist with copyright process, but does not provide copyright.

Submitting the form does not constitute an agreement or contract to publish. 

Submitted works undergo a thorough application process before a contract is offered. If accepted for further consideration, fees for publication will be presented prior to a final agreement. Rather than charging a flat fee, JLB Creatives Publishing takes the time to draw up and present to each author a custom agreement tailored to their specific needs. This helps keep authors from paying for things they may not need.

​JLB Creatives Publishing does not accept partial manuscripts; the complete manuscript must be available upon request, or it will be disqualified from consideration.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions. 

Now if you've read all that and are ready to join our team of 5 star review authors, click this link SUBMISSION FORM and fill out the form completely and click submit. We do not accept hard copy submissions by mail. Use this form for any manuscript you would like us to review for possible publication. 

We're looking forward to seeing your book and possibly helping bring it to life as a JLB Creatives Publishing publication. 

For more information about JLB Creatives, books, and authors visit our websire

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JLB Creatives Blog Hosts
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