Monday, January 18, 2016

The First Three Coming from JLBCP in 2016...

JLB Creatives Publishing is proud to announce the first three "out of the gate" releases for 2016. Each of these authors has received 5 stars from Reader's Favorite on previous books.

Icing, Locusts, and Life will bring a smile to your face, tears to your eyes, and inspiration to your soul. Author Rhonda Walker has an amazing talent to show you just how trying life can be, but when circumstances bring you locusts put some icing on them and enjoy life! Check out Rhonda's Author Page on JLB Creatives Publishing.

Hidden Earth Series Volume 3 Planet Water - Draugar of the Abyss will take readers on the continued journey of Iona and her friends. It's an enchanted epic fantasy adventure suitable for the entire family that takes you above and beneath the waves, and into the icy caves of the Draugar of the Abyss. You'll laugh, cry, and long to sail with Arrowanna on this stunning adventure. To discover more adventures within the Hidden Earth Series visit Janet Beasley's Author Page on JLB Creatives Publishing.

Lill and Mewe Mission to Zanda is the third book in this action packed, and extremely educational series. If you've got kids ages 8-12 who simply love Mars, space, and science you'll want to be sure and add this outstanding series to your child's library. To explore more books in the Lill and Mewe Series visit Jean E. Lane's Author Page on JLB Creatives Publishing.

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