Monday, February 22, 2016

Featured Children's Author Amy Sellers

Children's authors are some of the most creative people on the planet! JLB Creatives Publishing is honored to be a publishing company who specializes in children's books. In steering the company to cater to such authors, we are honored to have had Amy Sellers make a submission for her Miss Amy's Rhyme Time Collection. 

What makes Amy different from other children's authors? She is not only the author, but also the artist. Her imagination was "handed" down to her son, Asa, who took the liberty to put all of her rhymes to music.

Miss Amy's Rhyme Time Collection is a sing-along experience. With 4 titles: "Snorts, Paws, Tails, and Claws," "Cats and Mice Twice as Nice," "Whooo's Coming to Dinner," and "Angels Can Do Loop-Dee-Loops" there is something for kids of all kinds! From peas to pizza, and spiders to celestial beings and beyond, Amy has captured her audience's eye with her brightly colored paintings that boast lyrics that are just as colorful and whimsical.

To discover more about children's author Amy Sellers and her Rhyme Time Collection we invite you to visit and look for Amy Sellers's author page.

If you're a children's author looking to make a submission to a publishing company who specializes in children's books, we invite you to take a look at our submission guidelines on our website  

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